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Slowly, Slowly…

…I’m crawling my way to all the new stuff that has been flooding in over the past weeks. First of all, there were some announcements of new albums to look forward to:

Delays: Star Tiger, Star Ariel will be out on June 7th. Album opener Find A Home (New Forest Shaker) is yours for free if you give the guys your e-mail. Visit the official homepage for details.

Teenage Fanclub: woohooo, this is great news! Shadows is the name of the new album, out on May 31st. Baby Lee, a first song, is available for free here. And what a great track it is! Bring on summer!

Band Of Horses: their latest baby will be called Infinite Arms, and will see the light of day on May 18th. Check the Hypemachine for various download-sources of Compliments.

Secret Machines: no new album in sight, but a new single that definitely rises hopes for more. Like I Can can also be found on the Hype. Also check out Terrible Light, the B-side.

Oh, and before I forget, here’s the latest offering from the Viola Music Club; quite a change to their previous releases! :[

Viola – Chaos Shall Reign! (MP3)


Bit tired today, as I got up at 2am this night to watch the Oscars (congratulations Slumdog Millionaire!). So here’s just some collected stuff from MySpace:

More Degrees: a new version of Baby Oh Baby is available now, and it’s something you shouldn’t miss!

Degrees – Baby Oh Baby (MP3)

Glaswegians Oswald have 14 new songs up their sleeves, and a bunch of them are up on their new website for streaming.

Canadians Pilote Speed (formerly known as Pilate) are about to release their next album in April. It will be called Wooden Bones, and the first single Put The Phone Down is now ready for streaming on MySpace. Find the complete tracklist here.

Jonas Jonsson, better known as Bedroom Eyes, is also in the middle of recording his debut-album. No release date yet, but it shouldn’t take too long before this baby sees the light of day. Looking forward to a collection of perfectly crafted Swedish indie-pop!

Bedroom Eyes – The Skywriter (MP3)
Bedroom Eyes – Norwegian Pop (MP3)

Delays are back in the studio working on the successor for Everything’s The Rush. First two demos, Rhapsody and Unsung, are streaming now on MySpace. Full blog on the works in progress here.

And we will see (and hear!) a new album from the Manic Street Preachers as well this year (somewhen in May, to be precise). Nicky Wire has scribbled a bit about it on the band’s official homepage. Bring it on!

New Album News

Hope you all had a good Easter Holiday… I sure did! As you might have noticed, I didn’t have much time for the blog, but I’ll do my best to pick up the speed again. Let’s see what goes…

Death Cab For Cutie has revealed the artwork for their highly anticipated next album, Narrow Stairs. I’ve been listening to the first single I Will Possess Your Heart over the last few days, and I really like it… the bass-line is just ace, and with a running time of just over 8 minutes, it is perfect for a long-song-lover like me. Really looking forward to the album! Here’s the cover of Narrow Stairs:
(including a stream of the single)

Death Cab For Cutie – Bend To Squares (MP3)
Death Cab For Cutie – Champagne From A Paper Cup (Live) (MP3)

Another album I’m looking for is Everything’s The Rush, the third album by UKs indie-dream-rockers Delays. Release date is May 5th, and a new video for another fine song called Hooray has just popped up. Watch and listen here.

Check out dredg‘s myspace for some tasters of their next album… could be a good one, too!

And while you’re surfing around MySpace anyway, check out The Good Old Days (stream-only), a new single by Leeds-lads The Lodger. Their debut was a refreshing offering of brit-pop, and going by this new song, album #2 will follow that lead. Fine with me, I could do with some more of those tunes! Life Is Sweet will be released in May.

The Lodger – You Got Me Wrong (MP3)
The Lodger – Let Her Go (MP3)

Some News…

Saybia have revealed the title for their third album: Eyes On The Highway will be released later this year. The band has also announced some dates around Denmark for September, and will be touring the rest of Europe later on.

Delays are currently mixing the new songs for their third album, too. No news on a release date yet.

If you click here, you will be directed to a page with a new pre-album-demo by Iko. The Goodbye Fireworks is also available for download; just double-click the planet on the page.

One of my favourite bands of the 90ies, Crowded House, have not only released a grand comeback album, but also announced some tour dates. Of course the one in Switzerland will fall into my holidays, so there’s another opportunity I’ll miss! 😦 At least I can go and see Interpol in November…

Quick One…

Had a day off work today, been outside, walking down a hill, taking some pics, enjoyed the nice weather, and I’m pretty exhausted now. Looks like an evening with telly and icecream! 🙂

So here’s just a pack of quick news: Delays have released a new live DVD (download trailer) and are working on their next album; visit Stereogum for a radio-rip of Interpol‘s new song about Heinrich; then head over to itsatrap for a new and utterly wonderful Moonbabies-song; go and touch a Guitar From Mars; join FreeIndie for a webmix of the Decemberists; and now watch the trailer for Danny Boyle‘s impressive new movie Sunshine with the wonderful Avenue Of Hope from I Am Kloot… perfect!!!

Old And New

Whilst in New Zealand, I discovered The Final Cut by Pink Floyd in a bargain bin. Great album. I always wanted to buy some of their older works, but here in Switzerland, those albums are still being sold at a high price. Seems that I need to travel much more… 🙂

One song that keeps turning and turning in my head is the new single from the Delays. Lost In A Melody is not just taken from their recent album, it really is a new song that comes as a double-A-side with the also fabulous Wanderlust. And it makes me very, very curious. If that is the road that they intend to take for the next album, then it is more than fine with me.