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Just watched Drive yesterday, and apart from being a very, very cool movie (come to think of it, it’s easily one of the best movies from 2011), it’s the soundtrack that really stuck with me. It added so much to the atmosphere and pace of the movie, and despite being heavily influenced by the 80’s, it never felt outdated. So here are two recommendations from me today: watch the movie and buy the soundtrack!



This ‘N That

A song that has caught my attention over the last few weeks is Horrible Town from Swiss band The Lonesome Southern Comfort Company. It’s a well-crafted, somewhat blues- and country-influenced beauty that you’d rather expect from a middle-American outfit than a band from the land of chocolate and cheese. But here’s another proof that music knows no boundaries!

The Lonesome Southern Comfort Company -Horrible Town (MP3)

The Lonesome Southern Comfort Company – Noe Valley Resurrection (MP3)

A somewhat sad step back in time for those of you who still remember buying music in record stores. I really do miss those times! 😦

To brighten things up a bit, let me guide you to DreamtimeMix-Blog who offers a fine remix of one of the catchiest songs of 2010!


Excellent new single by Danes I Got You On Tape: stream TNT on Soundcloud.

Excellent new album by Finnish shoegazers Delay Trees. Download two songs below and watch the video for my absolute favourite song Gold!

Delay Trees – Cassette 2012 (MP3)

Delay Trees – About Brothers (MP3)

Cast (yes, the BritPop-heroes who released their debut 15 years ago) will be back with a new album early 2011. Head over to PledgeMusic and help them release it (or click the badge on the right-hand side)! First single Bad Waters does sound promising; there’s a free download if you leave your e-mail here!

This ‘N That

It’s already November, which means time for another Viola freebie. This month, they have come up with a beautiful, shoegazey song that really could serve as a soundtrack in one or the other way. Check it out here:

Viola – Astromelancholia (MP3)

Anybody remembers my “Whatever Happened To“-post? As it turns out, one of the bands in the article has just released a sign of life. Norwegians 120 Days are readying their second album for an early 2001 release. Now I’d like to think that they’ve posted the message on myspace (see below) following my post, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. 🙂 Anyway, it’s good news! Here’s the message:

It has been some time, but very soon we will have some definite news on the release of our new album and shows to support it. We are in the studio now completing the final touches to the album and it will most certainly be released (alongside various other bits & pieces) in early 2011. We are present on myspace, but for now, more up to date news will be posted on our facebook page, so if you are on facebook (or not), head over there and add us. This is where most of the daily chatter will come from.



Visit the German site for Danish ElectRock-outfit Ginger Ninja and download the best song from their debut album Wicked Map for free. But hurry, Bone Will Break Metal will only be available until November 23rd!!!


…that has been quite a long break! Although it seemed to me that I have been listening to music constantly, I couldn’t really concentrate on what I was listening to. Shame, really, as there’s been quite a few good things around, like the arrival of Northern Portrait‘s clear-vinyl 7″-single Life Returns To Normal (aahh… the good, old vinyl-collector’s days… 🙂 ), or the announcement of Champagne Riot‘s new EP, to be released on that wonderful Matinée label. Blog-buddy Morten has already covered those stories, so I don’t have to repeat it.

Northern Portrait – Life Returns To Normal (MP3)

Of course, the mailbox has been growing constantly as well; I managed to listen to some of the stuff (but once again, not really concentrated), and found that other blog-buddies have already been covering these stories, like Peter 1 with i am poet, or Peter 2 with iLiKETRAiNS. So instead of writing some more about the same, I’m just going to tell you that you should check out these articles and artists.

Something no indie-pop-lover should miss is the new release from Eardrums Pop, the Tiny Fireflies EP. Three beautiful songs that will make your heart smile. Go and get ’em!

There is still more stuff I’d like to cover, but with so much going on besides music, it really is hard to concentrate. Keep your fingers crossed that things might be looking up again over the next few days and weeks. In the meantime, here’s one of the most beautiful songs from 2010… aptly named Concentrate!

The Guggenheim Grotto – The Universe Is Laughing (MP3)

Get Your Freebies!

Lots of freebies today:

Labrador offers a new song from Club 8. Yes, it is a completely new one that hasn’t been included on the band’s latest, rather good album The People’s Record.

Club 8 – Closer Now (MP3)

Club 8 – Western Hospitality (MP3, from The People’s Record)

Of course, with a new month, there’s also a new song by Viola. Here’s an attempt do reanimate Enigma:

Viola – La Formule Du Bonheur (MP3)

The Concretes have signed with Friendly Fire Recordings, and the new album WYWH will be released there on November 9th. Good news indeed!

The Concretes – Good Evening (MP3)

Also new on Friendly Fire is NY electro-indie-act Violens who will also release their debut album Amoral on November 2nd. One to keep on the radar! (And as a bonus, you can download Violens‘ own Summer Mixtape right here)

Violens – Acid Reign (MP3)

Almost forgot…

…one thing that I just remembered from my holiday: while driving through the desert from the airport to the hotel, our cab driver suddenly turned on the radio, and this is what we heard:

and I have to admit that it perfectly fitted the situation: on the right side the coastline and the endless horizon of the sea, and on the left side the backcountry mountains with a blood-red sun setting. Just amazing! Unfortunately, my camera was in the back, so I couldn’t take any pics, but I guess I wouldn’t have been able to capture the moment anyway. As much as I can’t recreat it here, I just figured. But then… this is Music Of The Moment, and this little story just crossed my mind. There you have it! 🙂