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Bit tired today, as I got up at 2am this night to watch the Oscars (congratulations Slumdog Millionaire!). So here’s just some collected stuff from MySpace:

More Degrees: a new version of Baby Oh Baby is available now, and it’s something you shouldn’t miss!

Degrees – Baby Oh Baby (MP3)

Glaswegians Oswald have 14 new songs up their sleeves, and a bunch of them are up on their new website for streaming.

Canadians Pilote Speed (formerly known as Pilate) are about to release their next album in April. It will be called Wooden Bones, and the first single Put The Phone Down is now ready for streaming on MySpace. Find the complete tracklist here.

Jonas Jonsson, better known as Bedroom Eyes, is also in the middle of recording his debut-album. No release date yet, but it shouldn’t take too long before this baby sees the light of day. Looking forward to a collection of perfectly crafted Swedish indie-pop!

Bedroom Eyes – The Skywriter (MP3)
Bedroom Eyes – Norwegian Pop (MP3)

Delays are back in the studio working on the successor for Everything’s The Rush. First two demos, Rhapsody and Unsung, are streaming now on MySpace. Full blog on the works in progress here.

And we will see (and hear!) a new album from the Manic Street Preachers as well this year (somewhen in May, to be precise). Nicky Wire has scribbled a bit about it on the band’s official homepage. Bring it on!

Friday… But No Flashback!

There’s so much good new music around these days that it would be a shame to dwell in the past and write about old stuff. Therefore I’ll continue with Flashback Friday next week, and introduce you to two new bands today that are worth an earful!

First there’s Oswald, a Glaswegian three-piece with Indie-Rock written on their flag. Founded only in 2005 by Tom McCreery, Ants McCreery and Charlos Taggart, Oswald (the name was taken from a street in Glasgow just before they entered their first ever band contest!) already have a pretty prominent fanbase. The Alarm, Dogs Die In Hot Cars, El Presidente and Four Day Hombre are just a few of those followers. Comparisons to U2, Coldplay or Radiohead is what you’ll read often when the band is mentioned somewhere, and it’s true that there are some hints of all these bands in Oswald‘s music. But they are not just copycats; Tom is a very talented songwriter (he’s already won some songwriting contests in the UK), and the band’s gigs must be terriffic, if the critics are anything to go by!

At the moment, the band nears the end of recording their first album. Although they don’t have a record deal yet (another one of those cases when very talented artists are ignored by the companies… 😦 ), but I think it’ll just be a matter of time when Oswald will break through; with songs like this, it really shouldn’t be a problem!

Visit the band’s homepage for more downloads, say hi and befriend them on MySpace, and spread the word about these guys… Oswald must be heard!

Bangin’ On Those Drums (MP3)

Home (MP3)

Hold On (MP3)

I’ve written about US-band Saturna on this blog before, and now they have finally come up with some new songs. They have completed a whole album called Some Delicious Enemy, and it really sounds great. After their EP …All Night Long (two songs from that are still available on the homepage), they have refined their sound and created some tunes that should appeal to all Indie-Rock/Shoegaze-lovers. Singer and rhythm guitarist Ryan Carroll, lead guitarist Eric Block and drummer/basser Steve Anderson melt their talents into a blend of modern, catchy and mature songs, and – same as with Oswald – it shouldn’t take long before Saturna will get more attention. I have no news about an album release, but I will keep you posted if anything happens. And again… spread the word and visit Saturna’s homepages!

Fall (MP3)

Much More (MP3)

Leader Of The Western Stars (MP3)