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Last.FM And Such…

I was just crawling through Last.FM’s Free MP3-section, and noticed their year-tags for the 60s through the 90s. It’s obvious that a lot of stuff is just simply tagged wrong, but I’ve found the odd number that really belongs there. In the 70s category, I’ve discovered one of my favorite Oldies:

Still a cool song after all these years, don’t you think? A bit less cool (infact… downright stupid) is this one here from the 80’s section:

Here’s the proof that the 80s brought us some really crappy stuff indeed. And this here doesn’t make it better…:

I couldn’t really find anything decent in the 80s section; looks like the “big hits” are ashamed of being in the same category as these two crimes. Well, at least the 90’s had better stuff. Here’s one song from Marillion‘s masterpiece Brave:

Marillion – The Great Escape (MP3)

And I’ve just noticed that they also offer a free download from their latest album, Happiness Is The Road. Here it is:

Marillion – This Train Is My Life (MP3)

I bet there’s tons of more good stuff hidden in Last.FM‘s archive, but it just takes some time to find those gems inbetween all the rubbish that’s floating around there. If you’ve found anything worth listening to, let me know in the comments. And yeah, of course it should be available as a free download! 🙂


I’m once again caught in work-limbo, so here’s just a quick overview on what Last.FM recommends this week:

(((S))) – Mesmerized (Remix By Angele Phase/Pete Salmang) (MP3)
Robert Post – Without A Heart I’d Rather Die (MP3)
The Maximilians – Beating Heart (MP3)
Oh No Oh My – The Boy With An Anchor (MP3)
The Dandy Warhols – Burned (Live) (MP3)
Ruined By Martin – Ex-Believer (MP3)

hope to post something more substantial this week…

Free Recommendations

Last.FM constantly proves to be a good source for new music with all its recommendations, and other than on MySpace, the free downloads really work with no trouble at all. So I’ve scrolled through my FreeMP3-recommendation-list this week, and here are just a few of the worthy songs I’ve found.

Office – Double Penetrate The Market (MP3)
Cool indie-rock from Chicago
Jesper Lundager – Marshmallow Skies (MP3)
Shoegazing/Electronica from Denmark

The Search – We Fell Asleep In Each Other’s Arms And Never Woke Up Again (MP3)
Fine indie-pop from Sweden

Piano Magic – I Have Moved Into The Shadow (MP3)
Indie/Alternrock from London, England

Everybody Loves Irene – Rindu (MP3)
Trip-Hop from Indonesia

The Voyage – Kitten In The Snow (MP3)
More fine indie-pop from Sweden

Lately, On Last.FM…

Here’s a round-up of some pretty good, free songs that Last.FM recommended to me… check them out, you might find something that you’ll like, too!

Everything New At Last.FM

Looks like beta is over, so everyone’s now confronted with the new look. I haven’t had much time to check out everything, but one thing that’s obvious is the more MySpacey/FaceBookey appearance. I have yet to decide if that’s a good thing or not. One thing I’m still missing is an overview/search function on all free MP3s that are currently on Last.FM. Or maybe I just haven’t found it yet…

So what do you think about the new Last.FM? Let me know in the comments!

According to the admins at Last.FM, the downloads don’t work yet. And there are a few more bugs that they are currently working on (new subscriptions don’t work, Podcasts are not yet available, no preferred location for events possible…). Looks like beta isn’t really over yet! 🙂

Free Download Charts

Haven’t really had time to listen to some new music to recommend you, so I just give you a few gems from Last.FM‘s latest free download charts!

Of Montreal – Disconnect The Dots
(you really have to turn up the volume here… makes the song even more enjoyable!!!)

Circa Survive – The Great Golden Baby
(never heard of them before, but this really is a great song! Feel free to give me more infos on this band! 🙂 )

The Essex Green – Our Lady In Havana
(the band name seemed somewhat familiar, and it was a good choice to listen to this one. Wonderful voice!)

Viola – Lovelights
(an old familiar; downloaded this one a few months ago, and remember liking it. Nice pop tune that deserves to be played again!)

Kind Of Girl – Poetry Boy
(just saying… if you’re familiar with my blog, you should know them, if not: GET TO KNOW THEM NOW!!!)

Queen – ’39
(wow… who put that epic on Last.FM? This is one of their best songs that should even appeal to Queen-haters… give it a try, Morten! 😉 )

Grandaddy – Elevate Myself
(never really found time to get into the music of Grandaddy… a mistake probably?)

Hope to write something more substancial soon, just feeling a bit too lazy lately… sorry ’bout that!

Pushing The Charts!

has a very good posting about Last.FM‘s weekly free download charts. I completely agree to what he has to say about it, and I also think that it’s a very good thing. So to increase the popularity of that chart list, I’m gonna spread the word about it as well. Visit the site, download what you like and give the bands a thumbs-up for offering their songs to us for free. Let your favourites climb up the charts!

Here are my tipps for you:

Of Montreal – Disconnect The Dots

Kind Of Girl – Slave To Your Charms

The Figurines – The Wonder

Sambassadeur – Kate

Detroit Cobras – I Wanna Holler

Paloalto – Catalan

Vib Gyor – Church Bell

Museum – Flowers And Dust

and if anyone wants to be friends with me… just click here! I won’t bite… hard! 🙂