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More Pieces…

A bit of Danish Dream-Rock today: check out Salli Lunn, and especially the song The First Cause (MP3), taken from their debut album Heresy And Rite. Damn fine stuff, and that goes for the whole album!

Uh, what a wonderful tune: Blackbird Blackbird – Starlight (Download via Bandcamp). And here‘s another beauty from the same band.

The new Manics album turned out quite excellent, me thinks. Reminds me a lot of Everything Must Go, which for me still is the peak in their career. Check out the first single here:

Care for some feet-stomping, clap-and-sing-along indie-folk? Then check out Nice Purse and their fresh song Kathalaugh (MP3).

Soundcheck For Plague Lovers

On the latest Schallgrenzen-Soundcheck, we talk about the Manic Street Preachers‘ latest outing, Journal For Plague Lovers. Here’s what I have to say about it:

The artwork already gives away where the latest Manics-offering will take us… right, back to the Holy Bible. And after a first listening session I indeed felt taken back to 1994. Journal For Plague Lovers is a diamond in the rough at first – similar to the Bible -, but once you’ve listened to it for a few more times, it also offers the melodic strength that brought the Manics to a wider audience after the disappearance of Richey Edwards. An album for all fans, then? Well, yes… as long as you invest some time. Not all of the songs are immediately memorable, a throughout theme is hardly present, and some songs do sound alike a bit. Nonetheless, every Manics-fan will be able to pick one or the other new favourite after a few spins.
If nothing else, Journal For Plague Lovers is also a tribute to Richey Edwards (all lyrics used were written by him), and seen from that rather sad backstory, it is good to see and hear that those famous Welshmen still know how to rock!

Journal For Plague Lovers is also availabe as a beautiful Limited Edition with a nice hardcover-booklet and an additional CD with demos of the new songs. Also, the songs have recently been remixed by various artists (click here for the full list), and that EP will be downloadable from June 15th. More infos on the official homepage.


Bit tired today, as I got up at 2am this night to watch the Oscars (congratulations Slumdog Millionaire!). So here’s just some collected stuff from MySpace:

More Degrees: a new version of Baby Oh Baby is available now, and it’s something you shouldn’t miss!

Degrees – Baby Oh Baby (MP3)

Glaswegians Oswald have 14 new songs up their sleeves, and a bunch of them are up on their new website for streaming.

Canadians Pilote Speed (formerly known as Pilate) are about to release their next album in April. It will be called Wooden Bones, and the first single Put The Phone Down is now ready for streaming on MySpace. Find the complete tracklist here.

Jonas Jonsson, better known as Bedroom Eyes, is also in the middle of recording his debut-album. No release date yet, but it shouldn’t take too long before this baby sees the light of day. Looking forward to a collection of perfectly crafted Swedish indie-pop!

Bedroom Eyes – The Skywriter (MP3)
Bedroom Eyes – Norwegian Pop (MP3)

Delays are back in the studio working on the successor for Everything’s The Rush. First two demos, Rhapsody and Unsung, are streaming now on MySpace. Full blog on the works in progress here.

And we will see (and hear!) a new album from the Manic Street Preachers as well this year (somewhen in May, to be precise). Nicky Wire has scribbled a bit about it on the band’s official homepage. Bring it on!

Quick Downloads

Found these three great songs from New Zealand-indierock-band Eskimo on my harddisk again. Wonder what happened to those guys… apparently, a new album was in the making, but never saw the light of day. Any Kiwi-readers with news here?

Eskimo – Evergreen (MP3)

Eskimo – Arrow (MP3)

Eskimo – Twisted Fruit (MP3)

Yet another new song from dreampoppers Kyte; this time it’s an instrumental one. Sounds quite good!

Kyte – Cassette Culture

And if you still haven’t downloaded that new free song from the Manic Street Preachers: here’s a direct link to Underdogs… no more excuses now!!!

Manic Street Preachers – Underdogs

Swedish singer/songwriter Pelle Carlberg also offers a song from his latest album, In A Nutshell. What a title for a song!!!

Pelle Carlberg – Clever Girls Like Clever Boys Much More Than Clever Boys Like Clever Girls (MP3)

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