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…that has been quite a long break! Although it seemed to me that I have been listening to music constantly, I couldn’t really concentrate on what I was listening to. Shame, really, as there’s been quite a few good things around, like the arrival of Northern Portrait‘s clear-vinyl 7″-single Life Returns To Normal (aahh… the good, old vinyl-collector’s days… 🙂 ), or the announcement of Champagne Riot‘s new EP, to be released on that wonderful Matinée label. Blog-buddy Morten has already covered those stories, so I don’t have to repeat it.

Northern Portrait – Life Returns To Normal (MP3)

Of course, the mailbox has been growing constantly as well; I managed to listen to some of the stuff (but once again, not really concentrated), and found that other blog-buddies have already been covering these stories, like Peter 1 with i am poet, or Peter 2 with iLiKETRAiNS. So instead of writing some more about the same, I’m just going to tell you that you should check out these articles and artists.

Something no indie-pop-lover should miss is the new release from Eardrums Pop, the Tiny Fireflies EP. Three beautiful songs that will make your heart smile. Go and get ’em!

There is still more stuff I’d like to cover, but with so much going on besides music, it really is hard to concentrate. Keep your fingers crossed that things might be looking up again over the next few days and weeks. In the meantime, here’s one of the most beautiful songs from 2010… aptly named Concentrate!

The Guggenheim Grotto – The Universe Is Laughing (MP3)

A Champagne Portrait

How to perfect pop music? Well, a collaboration may be a good start, and when two of the best pop-projects from Denmark decide to do so, it really might come close to perfection! Champagne Riot has recruited Northern Portrait-frontman Stefan Larsen to sing the lead vocals on their next single called Ingrid Bergman. If you’re familiar with both of these bands, you will by now be as excited as I am! There’s no word about a release date so far, but a very insightful blog-post on the vision of this project. Read it here. And you Danish guys: bring on Mrs. Bergman!!! (check their current top-friends list! 🙂 )

Champagne Riot – Scandinavian Warfare (MP3)
Northern Portrait – New Favourite Moment (MP3)

Where To Start…?

Yes, it’s another of these weeks where nothing goes as planned. I’m not going to switch to bitching mode though, but instead give you a quick overlook on what has been going on here:

Degrees have a new song, and I’m proud to share it with you. And yes, it is great!

Degrees – Can’t Walk Through This Alone (MP3)


Been listening a lot to the new Kent album Röd, and even if they may have turned from indie-rock to indie-disco once again, I must admit that I really like the album. They definitely haven’t lost the ability to write catchy melodies and gripping hooks; and once again, blog-buddy Morten hits the nail on the head with his review.

Oh, and while you’re at Morten‘s anyway, check out the news on solo-turned-trio-turned-duo-project Champagne Riot.


I’ve written about EardrumsHandshake project on my old blog (fortunately, this one post has already been reloaded… check here), and from the looks of it, it seems to be shaping up nicely. The deadline for participation is now set to December 31st, so if you’re an artist, painter, poet, photographer or want to be part of this great project in any other way, I suggest that you hurry up and get in contact with Eardrums Music!


Carpark North has taken part in a remix project and offering the result as a free download. It’s a bombastic and orchestral version of The One. Which one? This one:

Carpark North – The One (MP3)


Still got some mailbox and MySpace-stuff left… hope to find some time to post a bit of it this week!

Danish Double

According to a blog-entry from Caspar (the “reclusive, mysterious, Danish-born founder of Champagne Riot, and its lone member”), he has joined forces with Northern Portrait, the other great Danish indie-pop-project. Caspar will play bass on NP‘s forthcoming spring tour, and the set will probably also include some of his own songs. Still, the Champagne Riot project is in no way dead, as Caspar is still working on the next EP/album. I personally can’t wait to hear the first corporate songs of this great gathering!

Champagne Riot – Scandinavian Warfare (MP3)

Life On The Shelf

Finally, finally, finally, Shelflife Records has re-vamped their website, and to go with that, they have finally added the long-awaited Champagne Riot EP to their stock. So I could finally place my order for the 1000-series (which includes a CD and a 7″ Vinyl), from which I picked the following artists. If you’re not familiar yet with these great musicians, you should definitely change that… Scandinavian-influenced indie-pop doesn’t get much better than this!

Champagne Riot – Scandinavian Warfare (MP3)

The Ruling Class – Flowers (MP3)

Days – Simple Thing (MP3)

Kuryakin – Take My Hand (MP3)

This ‘N That

Generous Swedish label Wonderland Records is giving away the new single Lifeache from Emo-Rockers Markovic for free. Here’s a remix of the song, and a different approach on Crayons. Get the radio edit of Lifeache and a remix of Sweet Surrender on Wonderland’s Lifeache page.

Markovic – Lifeache (Paul Lachenardiere Remix) (MP3)
Markovic – Crayons (Christina Roos Remake) (MP3)

Sign of life from Champagne Riot: the long-awaited first EP Paris And I has finally been sent into the press by label Shelflife, so chances are good that it will be released soon. Can’t wait for it! Read more about what Champagne Riot has been up to lately, and how to win a free EP, on his latest blog entry. And of course, start discovering the great songs if you haven’t already!!!

Champagne Riot – Scandinavian Warfare (MP3)

Reindeer is a new band from Copenhagen. The four guys were formerly known as Apartment, and had already released EPs under that name. Now with Reindeer, some great new songs have been written and produced already, but there are no signs yet that an EP will see the light of day in the near future. But in the meantime, you can visit the band’s MySpace and get the new songs for free… in any case, don’t miss the catchy Bringing Back The Plague.

Reindeer – Bringing Back The Plague (MP3)
Reindeer – Straight From Our Factory (MP3)

Congratulations to Elbow! A much deserved win!