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These are Music Of The Moment’s current favourite songs and past hits. All MP3s on this list were available free and legal on the web at the time of posting. No guarantee that they’re available forever, so better get them quickly! If you’re an artist and want your song removed from here, let me know. If you like what you hear, support the artists by buying their music. And now: enjoy these Hot Tracks!


(We Are) Performance – Lost Youth
120 Days – Come Out (Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone)
1900s – When I Say Go
1990s – You’re Supposed To Be My Friend


Aarktica – Seventy Jane
Aereogramme – Asthma Came Home For Christmas
Aereogramme – Nightmares
All Mighty Whispers – Love Revolution
Also Eden – For Bumble
Altspeak – Let It Shine
Altspeak – Seven Shots
Amandine – Blood And Marrow
Amandine – Secrets
Amandine – Sparrow
Amandine – Wake
Amazonair – Amazing
Ampop – Made For Market
Ampop – Two Directions
Anamia – The Step
Anathema – Angels Walk Among Us
Animasola – Goodbye
Animasola – Panic
Antennas – Adapt!
Arrive Alive – In My Mind All The Time
Asobi Seksu – Walk On The Moon
Athlete – Airport Disco
Audrey – Mecklenburg
August & The Red Apples – Desert Night Sky
August & The Red Apples – The Great Green Ancient Sea
August & The Red Apples – The Great Longing
Ave – Toll For The Brave
Avocadoclub – Too Much Space To Walk Away


Bahnhof – A Brighter Day
Band Of Horses – Is There A Ghos
Band Of Horses – The Funeral
Band Of Horses – The Great Salt Lake
Bedroom Eyes – Hand-In-Hand Grenade
Bedroom Eyes – (Here’s One For You) Underdog
Bedroom Eyes – Motorcycle Daydream
Bee And Flower – Don’t Say Don’t Worry
Beirut – A Sunday Smile
Belasco – 15 Seconds
Belle And Sebastian – Another Sunny Day
Birthday Boys – Knockoff
Blacklist – Exit
Blacklist – Blue Shifted
Blackmail – Everyone Safe
Blake Havard – Wave Goodbye
Blake Havard – Wanted To Believe You
Blitzen Trapper – Wild Mountain Nation
Blonde Redhead – 23
Bloom – The Secret’s Out
Boat Club – Always Away
Bowerbirds – Dark Horse
Brazil – Candles Cast Long Shadows
British Sea Power – Atom


Calexico – Cruel
Camera Obscura – Hey Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken
Chin Up Chin Up – This Harness Can’t Ride Anything
Choir Of Young Believers – Apart
Cinnober – Fast Machine
Cinnober – Re-Sound
Citylights – Citylights
Club 8 – Whatever You Want
Corduroy Utd. – Here Comes The Summer
Cuba Missouri – Lover’s Leap
Curios – Thrill B
Cut City – Like Ashes, Like Millions


DAMPFBAHN! – All Is Swell
Days – Simple Thing
Dead Heart Bloom – Here We Are
Death Cab For Cutie – Soul Meets Body
Death Cab For Cutie – The Sound Of Settling
Death Valley Sleepers – Sweet End
Debbie Harry – Two Times Blue
Dick Prall – Grand Marquee
Dirty On Purpose – Lake Effect
Dirty On Purpose – No Radio
Dirty On Purpose – Mind Blindness
Dragonette – Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top Cover)


Eagle*Seagull – Photograph
Eagle*Seagull – You Can’t Call Yourself A Secret
Earlimart – Song For
Easterly – Lover Is Fine
Elbow – Leaders Of The Free World Unite
Emerald Park – Istanbul
Encounters – Cronic Bionic
Evils That Never Came – Can’t Afford A Soul


Faunts – Instantly Loved
Faunts – M4 (Part I)
Faunts – Memories Of Places We’ve Never Been
Fields – Brittlesticks
Film School – Compare
Filter – Take A Picture
Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal
Franz Ferdinand – The Fallen (Justice Remix)
Frausdots – Dead Wrong
Funky Nashville – Hitch A Ride


Charlotte Gainsbourg – The Songs That We Sing
Garmisch – Glimmer
Garmisch – München
Garmisch – Black Paint
Gentle Touch – Memories
Gentle Touch – Smedby
God Love You For A Liar – Holding You Is Like Keeping Water In My Hands
God Love You For A Liar – Love Like We’re Lovers
Gravenhurst – The Diver
Great Northern – Home
Great Northern – The Middle
Green Day – American Idiot


Jeff Hanson – If Only I Knew
Jeff Hanson – This Time It Will
Jeff Hanson – Hiding Behind The Moon
Head Of Femur – Leader And The Falcon
Hearts Of Black Science – Revolver
Helen Stellar – You Glow From Within
Highfish – 5-0-2
Holmes – Trust
Hong Kong Cinema – Good Thing
Hopewell – Tree
Hotel Lights – Firecracker People
Hotel Lights- Let Me Be The One
Hotel Lights- You Come And I Go
Hotel Lights – Small Town Shit
House Of Brothers – Deadman


I Am Bones – The Main Thing Is To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing
IAMX – President
iLiKETRAiNS – Terra Nova
iLiKETRAiNS – The Deception
Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek (Ciaran Strings Remix)
Inspector Seven One – Dream Machine
Inspector Seven One – Shine Your Past Away
Iron & Wine – Boy With A Coin
Iron & Wine – Innocent Bones
James Dean Bradfield – Emigré
Jeremy – Make Love Not War
Jeremy – Silly Love Songs
Jong Pang – Heart
Jong Pang – Stains On Your Sweater


Kaiser Chiefs – Oh My God
Kiki Pau – Weinerei
Kind Of Girl – Poetry Boy
Kind Of Girl – Slave To Your Charms
KT Tunstall – The Prayer (Bloc Party Cover)


Ladytron – Black Cat
Last Days Of April – Who’s On The Phone?
Late Night Venture – Lazy Star
Late Night Venture – Pay The Moon
Le Concorde – Parallel Lives
Letting Up Despite Great Faults – If You Were Here Today
Leya – The Dream The Money Bought
Little Big Adventure – The Easiest Thing
Logh – Saturday Nightmares
Los Campesinos – Don’t Tell Me To Do The Maths
Loto – Cuckoo Plan
Louis XIV – Louis XIV
Lucky Jim – Lesbia


M83 – On A White Lake Near A Green Mountain
Manic Street Preachers – Underdogs
Maps – Don’t Fear
Maps – To The Sky
Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s – Skeleton Key
Maria Tailor – Song Beneathe The Song
Marillion – Estonia
Maritime – Calm
Maritime – For Science Fiction
Maritime – Guns Of Navarone
Maritime – Sleep Around
Markovic – Lifeache
The Mary Onettes – Lost
Maximo Park – Your Urge
Meowskers – I’ll Be By Your Side
Mew – Saliva
Midlake – Roscoe
Mighty Six Ninety – Leave This World
Miles – Menlo Park
Millstone – Lost And Found
Millstone – Turned To Stone
Mohair – End Of The Line
Moi Caprice – For Once In Your Life Try To Fight For Something You Believe In
Mono In VCF – Spider Rotation
Moto Boy – Blue Motorbike
Moto Boy – What It Was Like To Be With You
Motorama – Echoes
Motorama – Normandie
Múm – Dancing Behind My Eyelids
Mumm-Ra – What Would Steve Do?
Museum – The Low
Museum – For The Very First Time
Music Go Music – Light Of Love
Music Go Music – Reach Out
Mushi – White Picket Fence
My Morning Jacket – Golden


Nada Surf – Do It Again
Nada Surf – See These Bones
Neviss – All My Friends
New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream
Niepoort – Balance
Northern Portrait – What Happens Next


Of Montreal – Disconnect The Dots
Office – The Ritz
Oh No! Oh My! – The Party Punch
Ola Podrida – Cindy
Oswald – Banging On These Drums
Owen – Bad News


Paloalto – Catalan
Paper Moon – String Of Blinking Lights
Parker Lewis – Carousel
Parker Lewis – Dirty Dancing
Parker Lewis – Trouble
Paul Michel – Always Right
Pernice Brothers – Somerville
Placenta – Brittle Eyes
Placenta – I Never Denied My Weaknessnes
Plastik – Dead Star
Prisma – Over Bodies And Cases
Prisma – Paragon
Public Symphony – Stronger
Public Symphony – Touch


Racetrack Babies – Siamese Cars
Radar Brothers – Warm Rising Sun
Ray – Blood & Gold
Ray – This Is A Wave
Red Orkestra – Red Stars
Riverside – In Two Minds
Riverside – Reality Dream
Riverside – Out Of Myself
Riverside – Loose Heart
Riverside – Acronym Love
Rock Plaza Central – I Hope You Live Long
Rock Plaza Central – My Children, Be Joyful
Rodrigo Y Gabriela – Diablo Rojo
Ronderlin – You Made Somebody Want You
Ruined By Martin – Kaiser Star


Sambassadeur – Between The Lines
Sambassadeur – Final Say
Sambassadeur – Kate
Sambassadeur – Subtle Changes
Saturna – Much More
Saturna – Pop Rocks
Savoy – Man In The Park
Shout Out Louds – Man On The Moon
Shout Out Louds – Tonight I Have To Leave It
Siena Root – Shine
Sigur Rós – Gobbledigook
Sigur Rós – Vón
Silver Screen – Don’t Believe A Word
Sir Salvatore – Ambalina
Sir Salvatore – Hooray This Projector
Sister Flo – White Noise
Slowmotion Club – Lara Croft
Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars
Soft – Higher
Sound Of Arrows – Danger!
Southerly – Soldiers
Southerly – Youth
Southerly – Stay Awake
Spion – Tynd Is
Stars – The Night Starts Here
Stars In Coma – Borderline
Stars In Coma – People Put Up With A Lot Of Shit
Stars In Coma – Spring Rain Song
Stateless – Down Here (Studio Session)
Suburb Songs – Another Side Of You
Surrounded – Safe Tomorrow Sun
Surrounded – Great Unintentional Lapse


Teenage Fanclub – It’s All In My Mind
Tegan & Sara – Back In Your Head
Tegan And Sara – Walking With A Ghost
The Answer – Doctor
The Arcade Fire – Black Mirror
The Arrogants – Heroine
The Ballet – In My Head
The Boy Least Likely To – Faith (George Michael Cover)
The Brights – London Belongs To Me
The Brights – Nature Got One Over Me
The Charlatans – You Cross My Path
The December Sound – Kill Me Before I Kill You
The Doubtful Guest – Moment Of The Year
The Electric Soft Parade – Appropriate Ending
The Electric Soft Parade – Kick In The Teeth
The Exploding Boy – Cold Things Start To Burn
The Exploding Boy – Dazed
The Falling Leaves – Killer
The Falling Leaves – The Fallen Leaves (Instrumental)
The Floor Is Made Of Lava – IKEA Did A Job On You
The Frames – Dream Awake
The Frames – Falling Slowly
The Galan Pixs – Another Country, Another Name
The Gossip – Listen Up!
The Gray Brigade – Please
The Greencoats – Honey
The Guggenheim Grotto – A Lifetime In Heat
The Guggenheim Grotto – And A Tear Isn’t Such A Bad Thing
The Guggenheim Grotto – Philosophia
The Hi-Life Companion – You’re The Greatest
The Honeydrips – Ah, Karolin
The I – Neurock
The I – Senser
The Kid – Portion Control
The Kid – Kit Club Hotel
The Kissaway Trail – Smother + Evil = Hurt
The Legends – Play It For Today
The Lodger – Let Her Go
The Lodger – The Story’s Over
The Lodger – You Got Me Wrong
The Loose Salute – The Mutineer
The Loose Salute – Turn The Radio Up
The Loveninjas – Keep Your Love
The Mission District – Youth Games
The Monday Photo – Allies (No Tomorrow)
The Monday Photo – Fall
The Monday Photo – Frustration
The Moonbabies – Sun A.M.
The New Room – Pretty Little Things
The One AM Radio – In The Time That We’ve Got
The One AM Radio – Lest I Forget
The One AM Radio – Untied
The Picture – Rise
The Picture – Patterns
The Poems – Ballad Of A Bitter End
The Polyphonic Spree – Running Away
The Postal Service – Such Great Heights
The Prostitutes – She’s Dead
The Prostitutes – Sunshine
The Raveonettes – Dead Sound
The Secret Machines – Nowhere Again
The Shins – Phantom Limb
The Stills – In The Beginning
The Svengalis – Runaway
The Valley Downs – Drama Queen
The Vandelles – Lovely Weather
The Vandelles – Swell To Heaven
The War On Drugs – Taking The Farm
Thermostatic – The Box
Thirdimension – The Only Healer
Thirteen Senses – Into The Fire
Tinker – Memory Of You
Tinker – Small Talk
Tornister – A Point Of View
Tornister – Big Fake
Tornister – Pale Blue Paper
Tower Of Foil – Faster Than Your Eye
Tower Of Foil – Soft Stars
Tower Of Foil – Goodbye
Transplants – Diamonds And Guns
tWAMi – He’s Gone


Under The Influence Of Giants – Against All Odds
Under The Influence Of Giants – Mama’s Room
Universal Poplab – Summer Struck


Vega 4 – Bullets
Veldt – Walking In Silence
Velour – If You Really Want Me
Velour – Alibi
Velour – Janey Black
Velour – Lover’s Lost Love
Vib Gyor – Church Bell
Vib Gyor – Fallen
Viola – Lovelights
Viola – Since Forever Now
Vito – Rejoice
Vito – Welcome To The Lightning


Washington – Landslide
We Are Scientists – Hoppipolla (Sigur Rós Cover)
We Are Scientists – Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
Windermere – Trailer Park
Windmill – Tokyo Moon
Winterpills – Want The Want
Wolf Parade – Language City


Yeasayer – 2080
Yellowish – This Is My Direction
Yindi Halda – Dash And Blast
Yoav – Beautiful Lie
Your Black Star – Oh Jesus…
Youth Group – Catching And Killing
Youth Group – Skeleton Jar
Youth Group – Shadowland
Youth Group – Dead Zoo
Youth Group – Sorry

Big Update On MOTM Hot Tracks

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the Hot Tracks list, but now it’s finally done. The list of free downloads is growing and growing, and good that is! Check the list, and you might find something you’ve been looking for!

Some of the latest additions:

Athlete – Airport Disco
Hopewell – Tree
Silver Screen – Don’t Believe A Word
The Floor Is Made Of Lava – IKEA Did A Job On You
Blacklist – Blue Shifted
Inspector Seven One – Dream Machine
Vito – Rejoice

Updates, Break-Ups And The Sad Truth About CD-Shops…

Music Of The Moment Hot Tracks has finally been updated. This time, you can find these tracks amongst many others:

It’s breakup-time once again; this time it’s British indie-rock-band Mohair that has called it a day. I’ve only recently discovered the band, but their song End Of The Line was one of my favourite tunes this year so far, and so it’s a bit sad that there won’t be any more music from Mohair. Read the full statement here.

Mohair – End Of The Line (MP3)

Talking about the end of the line: Blog-buddy Morten is currently in London, and I really envy him for that. But it really saddens me what we have found out about the record shops there… read his posting here for the sad truth! 😦

Nelly Furtado – All Good Things Come To An End (MP3)
David & The Citizens – The End (MP3)
Incubus – Sick Sad Little World (MP3)
Black Heart Procession – A Truth Quietly Told (MP3)


Click the logo to find the following free songs, amongst many others:

Fat Update!

Lots of new songs have been added to MOTM Hot Tracks. Here’s a short selection, and you know where to click to get the rest, don’t you? 🙂

MOTM Hot Tracks Update

Here are the new entries that joined the MOTM Hot Tracks list over the weekend. First one to tell me where one can find the complete list gets a free virtual beer! 🙂


The new Hot Tracks for this week are only a few, but I’ve added some older classics to the post. Here are the new ones, and check the post for songs from Kaiser Chiefs, Gentle Touch, IAMX or the Pernice Brothers!

God Love You For A Liar – Holding You Is Like Keeping Water In My Hands

The Polyphonic Spree – Running Away

Cuba Missouri – Lover’s Leap

Amazonair – Amazing

oh, and make sure you visit the homepage of Danish melancho-rockers Saybia and watch the video for their beautiful new song Angel!

And finally, download a new single from Canadians Stars, taken off their next album called In Our Bedroom After The War, to be released on September 25th!

Stars – The Night Starts Here (MP3)