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Gone To The Great Gig In The Sky…

RIP Rick Wright! 😦Comfortably Numb @ Live 8, 2005:


Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb (Album Version) (MP3)

Flashback Friday – Live Recordings

Had a busy week with the concerts, and therefore not much time to write for Flashback Friday. So once again it’s Mixtape-Time. And what better theme could there be than some Live Classics? Enjoy those tracks, and who knows… some of them might even bring back some memories of a great concert experience from the past?

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Old And New

Whilst in New Zealand, I discovered The Final Cut by Pink Floyd in a bargain bin. Great album. I always wanted to buy some of their older works, but here in Switzerland, those albums are still being sold at a high price. Seems that I need to travel much more… 🙂

One song that keeps turning and turning in my head is the new single from the Delays. Lost In A Melody is not just taken from their recent album, it really is a new song that comes as a double-A-side with the also fabulous Wanderlust. And it makes me very, very curious. If that is the road that they intend to take for the next album, then it is more than fine with me.