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Life On The Shelf

Finally, finally, finally, Shelflife Records has re-vamped their website, and to go with that, they have finally added the long-awaited Champagne Riot EP to their stock. So I could finally place my order for the 1000-series (which includes a CD and a 7″ Vinyl), from which I picked the following artists. If you’re not familiar yet with these great musicians, you should definitely change that… Scandinavian-influenced indie-pop doesn’t get much better than this!

Champagne Riot – Scandinavian Warfare (MP3)

The Ruling Class – Flowers (MP3)

Days – Simple Thing (MP3)

Kuryakin – Take My Hand (MP3)

Another Quick One…

As I won’t have much time today, here’s just a quick tipp from J.A.: Swedish indie-pop-Outfit The Kid will release their new album Transient Blood today, and as a taster, they are giving away a new single for free. Download Transient Dance below, and make sure you also check out their older works. Sweet Scandinavian, female-voiced pop gems at their best… don’t miss! You can order the album via the Hybris link below.

The Kid – Transient Dance

The Kid – Portion Control (MP3)
The Kid – Kit Club Hotel (MP3)
The Kid – The Noble Art Of Jealousy (MP3)

Just This…

Another hectic day almost over, and I’m pretty outworn. But I wanted you to have some music today, and so I give you a Swedish music-collective called Garmisch. Some of you might know the band already under their old name Garmisch Partenkirchen. They have released their first two songs under the new name, and they are really sweet. Glimmer is excactly the stuff I want to hear right now, and maybe you will like it, too! And also check out their older songs as well… wonderful stuff!

Garmisch – Glimmer (MP3)
Garmisch – Courtesy Of Steven Wright (MP3)

From the München EP:

Garmisch – München (MP3)

From the Black Paint EP:

Garmisch – Black Paint (MP3)

get the rest of the songs here!

Danish Update

I did intend to publish that long-overdue update on my Music From Denmark-blog today, but I somehow can’t edit posts without completely messing up the layout; might be another problem with the firewall at the office. I will have to take a closer look at that matter from my PC at home; until then, here are some Danish news:

Danish ElectRock-act Anamia may have split up last year, but they nonetheless managed to put up 4 “new” songs that they have written before the break-up. Two of them are right here, and you can get the other two for free on their MySpace!

Anamia – Hard To Realize (MP3)
Anamia – The Silence And The Thoughts (MP3)

Front And The Factory is a promising new act from Aarhus. They are still unsigned, but already have a few tempting songs up their sleeves. Once again, you can download two of the songs here, and get a bunch more on MySpace.

Front And The Factory – When Snowflakes Fall (MP3)
Front And The Factory – Run For Escape (MP3)

Mr. Schallgrenzen has already reviewed the next band on his blog, and since they’re Danish and very good, I have to spread the word, too! Alex Canasta is a Copenhagen trio with very appealing indie-pop songs. No downloads on MySpace, but if you visit Peter‘s blog-entry, you can get two great songs there!

Alex Canasta will be playing Vesterbro Festival this year which I’m considering to attend. The complete line-up will be announced on May 1st, but Morten has already listed a few bands on his post lately. This could well turn out to be a fun weekend with cool music and a couple of beers among friends!

Last but not least, Morningside Records has just released two new free downloads from Larsen & Furious Jane. Get them right here:

Larsen & Furious Jane – Fine (MP3)
Larsen & Furious Jane – Widowers (MP3)

Flashback Friday – Keep It Swedish

Since I’ve had sort of a Swedish week here on MOTM, I’ve decided to keep the theme up for Flashback Friday. And if you think of “Sweden” and “Oldies”, I guess there’s one band that comes to mind immediately. Yes, I admit, I’ve always been a fan of this quartet, and I still think they have written some of the world’s best pop-songs. The fact that they still keep selling records even after almost 25 years since their breakup tells me that I’m not alone with that thought. So here’s a little mixtape of a band that will always bring back some very dear memories of my childhood days!

Just A Little Bit More Swedish Promo…

OK, Wonderland Records. Founded in 1994 by one Sebastian Hess as a mailorder company, and becoming a label in 2004. Sebastian has a very simple label philosophy: Awesome Music Performed By Awesome People. Well, I can’t say anything about the people, but the music certainly is in big parts awesome. I’ve already introduced you to Markovic, Emmon and Thermostatic, but Sebastian has a few more acts under his wings that deserve an earful. I’m posting a little selection of those acts below, and you can get all the information about the label, the bands and how to buy their works on the official homepage of Wonderland Records. Thanks, Sebastian, for the fine work you do… and I hope you can always stick to your slogan: Wonderland – Not Like The Big Ones And Never Will Be!

Electronic Acts on Wonderland:

Universal Poplab
Electronic pop with powerful vocals; a bit Erasure-like.
Universal Poplab – I Could Say I’m Sorry (MP3)

Slick electronic pop, sung in Swedish
Arvid – Iskristall (MP3)

Pop/Rock Acts on Wonderland:

Depressive Art
Classic rock with modern influences; think of the Editors meeting the Stones
Depressive Art – On Solid Ground

Alternative country-pop with rock and soul influences
Quarterhorse – Alina (MP3)

Sweden’s Robert Smith – with equal hair and just as passionate music!
Dimbodius – Hands Let Go (MP3)

Mattias Tell
rock/pop sung in Swedish that both hits and hugs
Mattias Tell – Botox Dollface (MP3)

Swedish Promo Pack, Part III

Let’s round up that Swedish Promo pack I’ve continued yesterday. While in Part I, Markovic delivered indie-rock, and in Part II, Emmon served Electro-Pop, today’s offering is pure Electronica. Here’s Thermostatic!

Founded during summer 2003 in Gothenburg, Thermostatic quickly became a well-known act amongst Swedish club-goers. They released their first EP in 2004; a limited edition of 50 copies was created and intended to be sold at a club gig. While the band hoped for about 20-25 pieces to be sold, all 50 were gone just after 20 minutes!

In 2005, the band was contracted by Wonderland Records, and soon after that, the debut album Joy-Toy was released. In 2007, the band re-released the album with bonus tracks and are currently promoting the two singles from the album. Also work on new material for the next album has started already.

I guess you have to have a liking for Electronica and maybe a soft spot for 80s-computer-sounds; if you can check both these boxes, you will definitely enjoy the joyous sounds of Thermostatic. Below, you will find So Close So Near from the album Joy-Toy, a new song called The Box, as well as a demo of Sweet Girl and a remix of I Want To Be A Marilyn, their first song. And try to get your hands on their fabulous coverversion of the Pet Shop Boys’ Paninaro!

Thermostatic – So Close So Near (MP3)
Thermostatic – The Box (MP3)
Thermostatic – Sweet Girl (5W337 9RL Original Demo) (MP3)
Thermostatic – I Want To Be A Marilyn (M.M.U.M. Acid Version) (MP3)