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Fade To Kent

In response to Morten’s “On The Radio This Morning”-post from today, here’s what got my juices flowing this morning while driving to work:

And I have to agree with Morten, Kent‘s definitely up there with the best!

Read! Watch! Listen!

Read about the next release from Sweden’s Kent!

Watch the video to the new version of Carpark North‘s hit Human (MOTM likes the old one muuuuch better!)

Listen to an excellent remix of I Am Not A Robot from Marina And The Diamonds, and a brand-new (and equally excellent!) remix of Shut Out The Moon by Spark, Marina‘s current tour-support-act.

Marina And The Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot (Clock Opera Remix) (MP3)

Spark – Shut Out The Moon (Monsieur Adi Remix) (MP3)

Where To Start…?

Yes, it’s another of these weeks where nothing goes as planned. I’m not going to switch to bitching mode though, but instead give you a quick overlook on what has been going on here:

Degrees have a new song, and I’m proud to share it with you. And yes, it is great!

Degrees – Can’t Walk Through This Alone (MP3)


Been listening a lot to the new Kent album Röd, and even if they may have turned from indie-rock to indie-disco once again, I must admit that I really like the album. They definitely haven’t lost the ability to write catchy melodies and gripping hooks; and once again, blog-buddy Morten hits the nail on the head with his review.

Oh, and while you’re at Morten‘s anyway, check out the news on solo-turned-trio-turned-duo-project Champagne Riot.


I’ve written about EardrumsHandshake project on my old blog (fortunately, this one post has already been reloaded… check here), and from the looks of it, it seems to be shaping up nicely. The deadline for participation is now set to December 31st, so if you’re an artist, painter, poet, photographer or want to be part of this great project in any other way, I suggest that you hurry up and get in contact with Eardrums Music!


Carpark North has taken part in a remix project and offering the result as a free download. It’s a bombastic and orchestral version of The One. Which one? This one:

Carpark North – The One (MP3)


Still got some mailbox and MySpace-stuff left… hope to find some time to post a bit of it this week!

Flashback Friday – MOTM Edition

Not the usual kind of Flashback Friday, but we’re getting there. Here’s a flashback to the past September 12th’s of MOTM:


the Led Zeppelin reunion was announced

Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love (MP3)

Kent was building up suspense for their album Tilbakka Till Samtiden… which turned out good, but maybe not as good as expected.

Download Vy Fran Ett Luftslott (Punks Jump Up Remix) via Lemur Blog

Danes Inspector Seven One offered their songs for us for the first time… and they still do! 🙂

Inspector Seven One – Dream Machine (MP3)
Inspector Seven One – Shine Your Past Away (MP3)

Porcupine Tree served a second helping following their excellent album Fear Of A Blank Planet with the release of EP Nil Recurring.

Link to the post


On September 12th, I was travelling through Canada, but the few days before, I was writing about the various mixtapes I made for the trip. Re-read the tracklists and find some of the songs below.

Music For The Road
Strictly Canadian

Amanda Marshall: Let It Rain (Live) (MP3)
Rufus Wainwright: Across The Universe (MP3)



On September 11th, I was totally falling in love with Zookeeper’s Boy, one of the first songs that leaked from Mew‘s excellent milestone And The Glass Handed Kites. Back then, I was hoping for a great album, and a few weeks later, my hopes came true!

Mew-Zookeepers Boy Video

Link to the post

On September 13th, Sigur RósTakk was added to my collection, and looking back, I rate it my favourite album from the Icelanders. And it also containes my favourite SR song, Milano… ah, just writing about it makes me wanna listen to it right now.

Hoppipolla (We Are Scientists Version) (MP3)

Link to the post

Kent Again

Check out the video for Kent‘s new single Ingenting… love it love it love it!!!

Mixed News

Led Zeppelin reunite! Never been that big a fan, but this might be good news for some of you.

Someone wants us to leave Britney alone… try not to laugh through this video!!! 😀

Only five days to go until the release of Ingenting, the first new single from Sweden’s fabulous Kent. Excactly one month later, the album Tillbaka Till Samtiden will follow… can’t wait!!!! Want to hear the first few seconds of the single? Click here! Not too much there, but it sure makes a nice ringtone! 🙂

The generous lads from Denmark’s Inspector Seven One have good news for us: you can now download all four (brilliant) songs from their Dream Machine EP for free on their MySpace! Get them quickly, and while you’re there, say thanks to them, will you? Of course you can also buy the EP as a physical CD… just read their latest blog entry for infos!

Inspector Seven One – Dream Machine (MP3)
Inspector Seven One – Shine Your Past Away (MP3)

More fear! If it wasn’t enough that Porcupine Tree released a brand-new album earlier this year, and also toured with it, the guys around Steven Wilson will release another EP with new music worth of 29 minutes this September! These recordings also come from the Fear Of A Blank Planet-sessions, and have now been mixed to a – as you expect it – high standard CD. And guess what? The 3’000 copies that were available via the band’s online-shop have already sold out! 2’000 are left to buy on the forthcoming tour, but if you’re not able to visit a concert (or come in just after buyer No. 2000), fear not… the EP will be released again in 2008! Lucky for me as I don’t expect to get one at the concert in November here…
You can download a teaser for the EP on the band’s MySpace, btw.!