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More Degrees…

I’ve mentioned the Degrees and their forthcoming output just recently (re-read here), and now there’s a video for yet another new song which in my opinion is their strongest piece so far… in fact I think it’s the best song they’ve ever released! Idiot Dreaming is an 8-minute-monster that just oozes of guitars and fast-forward synth-walls, and it keeps a powerful pace until the bitter end… simply fantastic! Enough of the talk now, hear for yourselves:

Sign Of Life

I’m back for the moment, as is Swedish shoegaze band Degrees.  Some new songs have popped up on Soundcloud, and they sound pretty amazing. Dream On Dreamy will be the name of their next album, to be released on May 24th. Bring it on, I say!!!

Degrees – At Least Rock & Roll Won’t Leave A Hole In My Back

Degrees – Dream On Dreamy

Degrees – Home (MP3)

Visit Degrees’ Bandcamp for more downloads!

Here’s some free Viola stuff I’ve missed the last few months…

March: Suddenness (MP3)

April: Elämän Iskelmä (MP3)

May: Break The News Gently (MP3)

Currently on heavy rotation on my CD-player/MP3-player/computer/Android:

Blackfield‘s new album Welcome To My DNA… recommended!

Elbow‘s Build A Rocket Boys!… don’t think I have to tell you about this one!

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart… see above

– the latest from Thirteen Senses, Crystal Sounds. Really one of the best 2011 releases for me so far!

– just started with Guillemots new one, Walk The River, but it’s already gaining a lot of attention. This one especially caught my ear:

And this one gives me goosebumps… what a voice!!!