Mixtape Of The Moment

Welcome to the everchanging mixtape… enjoy!

Oh Oh, Shout Out Louds Are Back!

and there will be a new album later this year. Oh Oh indeed!



Mew Twisting The Quest


New album Visuals out April 28th… can’t wait!!!

Public Service Broadcasting Making Progress


First release from their new album, with guest vocals from Camera Obscura.

A Field Day With Winchester

Thanks for the trip back to the 80s!



Crimer – Dave Gahan’s Lost Little Brother

Just how good is this?


Epic Dreaming Light

@anathemamusic #epicsongs

Suddenly… life has new meaning
Suddenly… feeling is being
Suddenly… I don’t have to be afraid
Suddenly… All falls into place

New album “The Optimist” out June 9th 2017