So Now What? Start Again…?






They’re Back!

And a new album is on the way, too. We Were Here will be available by the end of September. This humble blogger is really looking forward to it!!!

Back To The 90s

…with a new song from Suede, taken from their new album Bloodsports. It’s out on March 18th, and this one here shows that the band is back to old form. Ha, the good, old Brit-Pop-days!

Barriers is still available as a free download here.

Strange, But Beautiful

What a strange video… but what a beautiful song!

Taken from the band’s 2012 album Bloom. For more Beach House check their website or visit SubPop.

Beach House – Myth (MP3, via SubPop)

Denmark Strikes Again

Another great one coming from J.A., this time it’s Danish indie-pop-outfit Love Shop. It’s taken from their 2012 album Skandinavisk Lyst. The band has apparently been around since the 80s, but has had some sort of a comeback in the past few years… listening to this track, it’s not hard to see why!