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Flashback Friday – Cleaning Out The Folders

I keep hanging on to my windows folder system for my MP3s although I manage them all through MediaMonkey. I also synchronize my Creative Zen player through MediaMonkey, and whenever I reach the storage limit of 60GB, I have to clean out some of the folders. I have one folder with music files that I get sent by artists, or from MySpace- and blogger friends, or downloaded from various sources; in short, this is the music I listen to for a few weeks, but doesn’t impress me that much or convince me to listen/buy more. But whenever I clean the folder, I stumble across some songs that would have deserved better. Here are a few of those songs from the past years:

Alcian Blue – 71705 (Live At Nancy Raygun) (MP3)

Curve – Turnaround (MP3)

Boat Club – Always Away (MP3)

Loto – Cuckoo Plan (MP3)

Placenta – Brittle Eyes (MP3)

The Svengalis – Runaway (MP3)

Arrive Alive – In My Mind All The Time (MP3)

All in all pretty good tracks that should probably have stayed in my news folder for much longer; but with the floods of music constantly coming my way, it’s pretty easy to overlook some potential future hits. Well, I guess I have to live with that… but as I always say: good music will find you in the end!

btw: I’ve had more blogger takedowns recently, so the PSB discography series will have to wait a bit more…

Flashback Friday – Third Time’s The Charm

Time was a bit scarce this week, so the next chapter in the Pet Shop Boys discography has to wait again. Instead, I’m once again crawling through those fine retro-blogs and post some classics for you. I even might make this a regular feature on Flashback Friday… what do you think?

Malcolm McLaren – Buffalo Gals (Chronovisor Mix)

From Chronovisor. Chronovisor does his own mixes, and since I always liked this song, I included it here. Yo, Buffalo Gals!

Human League – All I Ever Wanted (Cygnet Mix)

From Cygnet Committee. Another self-made-mix from a 2001 single.

Golden Earring – Twilight Zone (Original Long 12″ Version)

From BornAgain80s. This is such a cool tune; great to know that there’s also a pretty good Long Version!

Taco – Puttin’ On The Ritz (Extended Version)

From 80s Refugee Camp (use the Rapidshare-Link to download). Never heard this one in ages, so time to give it another spin!

Paul Young – Mixes Of The Common People

From Revolucion Retro. A collection of various remixes; Come Back And Stay, I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down, Love Of The Common People and many more.

Real Life – Like A Gun

From New Wave Tunes. This is the B-Side to their uber-hit Send Me An Angel. Plus you also get I Wish from 1985 in the same post!

Eurythmics – Missionary Man (3 Versions)

From Bcubsmusic. The album version, a Dance Mix and a live version from this 1987 song.

Genesis – Ripples

From Fervox. An odd choice to close this post. But I stumbled upon this song during my crawl, and as it is my absolute favourite from the early Genesis/Collins-era, I thought I post it here. Absolutely wonderful tune!!!

zShare remark: apparently, filehoster zShare seems to have a few problems lately. Some of the links don’t work properly and just bring you back to the initial site over and over again. I was able to download some of the songs when I tried later though… anyone knows more about this?

Flashback Friday – Still Not Quite The Real Thing

I’m not going to upload anything myself for another week, although I haven’t had any disappearing posts from Blogger anymore. I’m just going to lay low a bit more, and then I’ll probably start again with another chapter of the Pet Shop Boys discography. For now, here’s another crawl through various blogs with gems from the past:

U2 – New Years Day (MCDOC EVO-XR MIX)

via Dreamtime Mix. Since it’s not even two months until 2009 anymore, here’s a good start for a New Year’s Mixtape!

Def Leppard – Animal (Original Extended 12″ Version)

via Born Again 80s. From their 1987 Hysteria album. I remember visiting the concert back then, and Animal was an absolut killer-performance!
Tears For Fears – Mothers Talk (3 Remixes)

via Born Again 80s. Can’t go wrong with this one; great song from a great band! Three fine remixes here.
Ultravox – We Came To Dance (Extended Mix)
via Retro Wonderland. We Came To Dance is one of my secret Ultravox favourites; I really like the drive of it.

OMD – Telegraph (Extended Version)

via Red Room. And another cult-band from the 80s with a fantastic remix.
Bananarama – Venus (The Greatest Remix)
via PopGems. Another one you’ll probably recognize. This is quite a good and (at least to me) unknown mix.

Yazoo – The 12 Inch Mixes

via Discotrax 80s. Situation, Don’t Go, Nobody’s Diary… they’re all on here. Plus a few megamixes. I haven’t heard them yet though, so enter at your own risk! 😉

Flashback Friday – Go And Get Them!

I’m a bit hesitant with posting songs after Blogger’s deleting actions this week (three posts have been removed so far…), so for this week, I’ve been crawling through some 80s blogs and collected links to some classic songs. Now do as the title says and Go And Get Them!

Howard Jones – New Song (New Version)
From RetroWonderland. Still the best one from Mr Jones!

Liza Minelli – Losing My Mind / Love Pains / Don’t Drop Bombs
Via Lost In The 80s. Three fine, Pet Shop Boys-produced singles.

PhD – I Won’t Let You Down
Via Popdose. Remember this one? One of the most successful 80s ballads.

Paul Young – Come Back And Stay (Extended Club Mix)
Via The Vinyl District. Excellent tune, after all these years. Whatever happened to the guy???

Chaka Khan – I Feel For You (Various Mixes)
Via RetroRemixes. Cool song… haven’t heard it in a while, but it still has the groove!

Styx – Mr Roboto (Extended)
Via Dance Disco Mix 80s. First cassette I’ve ever bought with my own money… and the first Japanese words I’ve learned! 🙂

MARRS – Pump Up The Volume (Various Mixes)
Via Discotrax 80s. Not much to add to this one… you must have been living under a rock if you missed that in the 80s!

The Cure – A Forest (12Inch)
Via The Sound OfThe Crowd. A classic song and a classy remix.

The Cars – Hello Again (Remix Version)
Via The Eighties Refugee Camp. I love love love this one! This remix is just fantastic!

Thompson Twins – You Take Me Up (High Plains Mixer)
Via Dance-History Corporation. Another great remix, released for the US market back then. Now enjoyable for the whole world.

Depeche Mode – 8 Razormaid Mixes
Via Altered Anthems. 8 rare mixes that should make every DM-fan happy!

And that’s it for now… you see, there’s still lots of blogs out there that keep the 80s fire burning. Good to see that lots of those gems are not lost in time!

Flashback Friday – I Hope It’s Going To Be Alright

Well… things don’t always go as planned, so I couldn’t put as much effort in this posting as I wanted to. But I’m not coming up with another excuse to postpone the Flashback Friday; this will be a rather short entry in the Pet Shop Boys Singles series though… most of the information is from Wikipedia, but at least I had enough time to dig out various mixes of It’s Alright. Here we go:

It’s Alright was the 13th single from the boys; it was released in June 1989. Lyrics-wise, the song centers around a wide variety of serious political issues from that time (like “Dictation enforced in Afghanistan, revolution in South Africa, etc.), but also offers the positivie message of the song title – that music is our life’s foundation, it shall last and ultimately succeed to bring the nations together. On the album version, the song ends with Neil Tennant constantly repeating “I hope it’s gonna be alright…” which gives the song a doubtful aftertone.

It’s Alright was originally written and performed by Sterling Void; the Pet Shop Boys discovered it on a house compilation. Sterling Void later did a remix of the PSB version (find it below). As Void‘s original version had only two verses, Neil Tennant added a third one for their version. The song was first released on the Introspective album, running for a bit over nine minutes. It reached the number 4 spot in the UK.

The B-sides, One Of The Crowd and Your Funny Uncle, are typical b-sides… nothing to dig in deeper. But the video to It’s Alright was a quite good one; shot entirely in black and white, and showing nothing but the Pet Shop Boys with… well, other boys. Check it below, and don’t miss the look of the baby in the last scene!!!

Pet Shop Boys – It’s Alright (10″ Version) (MP3)
Pet Shop Boys – It’s Alright (Extended Dance Mix) (MP3)
Pet Shop Boys – It’s Alright (Extended Disco Mix) (MP3)
Pet Shop Boys – It’s Alright (The Sterling Void Mix) (MP3)
Pet Shop Boys – It’s Alright (The Tyree Mix) (MP3)

Hot Tracks Flashback

A long-due update has happened on MOTM’s Hot Tracks list. I’ve added a ton of new tracks and deleted just a few that I found inexistent. So my suggestion for today is that you check out the list and maybe discover some songs you have missed until now. If you stumble across a dead link, please let me know, and if you know more free songs, give me a shout as well. Happy Downloading! 🙂

… oh, and I really really really intend to post the next chapter in the Pet Shop Boys discography next week… keep your fingers crossed! 😉

Flashback Friday – MOTM Edition

Not the usual kind of Flashback Friday, but we’re getting there. Here’s a flashback to the past September 12th’s of MOTM:


the Led Zeppelin reunion was announced

Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love (MP3)

Kent was building up suspense for their album Tilbakka Till Samtiden… which turned out good, but maybe not as good as expected.

Download Vy Fran Ett Luftslott (Punks Jump Up Remix) via Lemur Blog

Danes Inspector Seven One offered their songs for us for the first time… and they still do! 🙂

Inspector Seven One – Dream Machine (MP3)
Inspector Seven One – Shine Your Past Away (MP3)

Porcupine Tree served a second helping following their excellent album Fear Of A Blank Planet with the release of EP Nil Recurring.

Link to the post


On September 12th, I was travelling through Canada, but the few days before, I was writing about the various mixtapes I made for the trip. Re-read the tracklists and find some of the songs below.

Music For The Road
Strictly Canadian

Amanda Marshall: Let It Rain (Live) (MP3)
Rufus Wainwright: Across The Universe (MP3)



On September 11th, I was totally falling in love with Zookeeper’s Boy, one of the first songs that leaked from Mew‘s excellent milestone And The Glass Handed Kites. Back then, I was hoping for a great album, and a few weeks later, my hopes came true!

Mew-Zookeepers Boy Video

Link to the post

On September 13th, Sigur RósTakk was added to my collection, and looking back, I rate it my favourite album from the Icelanders. And it also containes my favourite SR song, Milano… ah, just writing about it makes me wanna listen to it right now.

Hoppipolla (We Are Scientists Version) (MP3)

Link to the post