To contact me, click the envelope below. If you want to send me promo-mails, please read the following guidelines first:

1. This is an MP3 blog, and I’d like to share your music with my readers. In today’s digital world, you want to have your music with you wherever you go, so unless at least one MP3 is available for me to post and distribute, I’m hardly going to write about your stuff, yet alone listen to it. I also don’t need MySpace-download-links, since that just doesn’t work here. Links to streaming songs, videos and pictures alone won’t do! Exceptions are obviously favourite artists whom I’ve already featured in the blog before.

2. Personalized mails will always stand a better chance for getting read than your average “cool blog, please listen to this… etc.”-mails. If you refer to anything I’ve written before on the blog, you will definitely catch my attention.

3. Please check my blog first before mailing me promo-mails. You will quickly notice what kind of music I’m into, and you can save me and yourself a lot of time and work if you don’t send me anything that I’m definitely not interested in (to make it easier, mails about Rap, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Thrash-Metal, etc. will hardly ever be featured on my blog…)

4. I have a fulltime-job, and this blog is just a hobby. If anyone knows of a time-machine that will give me several extra-hours a day for blogging, please let me know. Until then, don’t keep bombarding me with reminders and follow-up’s; if your mail remains unanswered and unpublished after a few days, it’s mostly due to the lack of time. I’ll always do my best to check out music that sounds appealing to me, but I’m just no Harry Potter!

Please stick to these few guidelines and save me and you some time that can be spent for better causes… like listening to good music! Thank you!


if you want to send me physical CDs, just let me know via above mail, and I’ll give you my snail-mail-address (of course I’ll check out first what you want to send me!)