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This ‘N That…

Today is official Muse day. I’m really curious to hear The Resistance; I’m a big fan of Queen‘s masterpiece A Night At The Opera, and from what I’ve heard, there must be quite a few references to that album. I’ll get my copy of The Resistance this noon, and will be spending the afternoon with it (if work will let me do so…).

Kalle from Unisex Mailorder is blogging! Check his site for great indie tipps. It’s in German, but I suppose everyone can spot the band-names and links. 😉 The blog will also be added in the blogroll with the next – long-overdue! – update!

Another tipp from Ryan Benjamin: a pretty new song from The Good Graces called… well, Pretty New Song. It’s taken from the Bring On The Tambourines EP which you can get at Eskimo Kiss Records. Nice stuff indeed!

The Good Graces – Pretty New Song (MP3)
The Good Graces – I Miss The 90s (MP3)

More later… or not! My Firefox had a serious problem, so I had to de- and reinstall everything. Thankfully, all the bookmarks are still here, but the extensions are gone. Will keep me busy for while… 😦

Wow, I just have to post this: due to the FF-crash, I have temporarily switched from listening to music via my PC to the radio, and guess what: I’ve just found a station that plays Mew!!! It was Beach from the new album, and it was actually the first time I ever heard Mew here on the radio. Does this mean that I need to listen to more radio again???

Mixed Bag

Just blogging along today… and if there’s anything interesting around, you’ll find it here!

Here’s one for the movie-fans amongst you: film-mag Empire has hidden 50 movie titles in this canvas here:
Some are quite easy to spot, others you won’t find that easily. Let me know in the comments if you need help!

Indie-label Shelflife has released another part of their 1000-series. That means great music, a CD and a 7inch-Vinyl, all wrapped in great artwork. Oh, and did I mention that you’ll also get the complete EP as a high-quality download? Now that’s what I call service! The latest release is of the Socialist Leisure Party, and here’s a little taster. Check out all the information about the 1000-Series here.

Socialist Leisure Party – Head In The Hay (MP3)

Back in January 2006, I first mentioned Leeds-band Vib Gyor on this blog (read here and here). I was longing and hoping for an album back then, and now, over three years later, it has finally been released! We Are Not An Island is already available on iTunes, and a limited CD edition for old farts like me is up for Pre-order on the official homepage. I’ve already took a sneak-peek and must admit that it turned out quite good. I’ve uploaded one of their older songs not included on the album (hope that’s ok with the band), and I can only recommend that you spend some time with those talented lads! Album of the year? Could well be…

Vib Gyor – Always Alone (MP3)

Here’s a new one from The Radio Dept., once again offered by generous lable Labrador. Full EP out on June 24th.

The Radio Dept – David (MP3)

Looks like there’s someone who takes even longer to get a new album out than Vib Gyor… 🙂

Still here…

Another busy week almost over, and finally a bit of free time to write something here. Couldn’t really do some serious research on new sounds, so here are just some bits and bobs:

MAPS will have a new album out soon. It will be called Turning The Mind, and the first single Let Go Of The Fear is now streaming on MySpace, or available at various download-stores. Kind of curious what it will sound like… We Can Create was a really fantastic album!

The Lunar Pilots is a UK Band and delivers some quite appealing indie-rock-tunes with just a hint of synth. Their latest EP Perfect Dream/Only You has just been released and is available at download-stores. Here are two songs off the EP, and you can find more information on their MySpace.

The Lunar Pilots – Perfect Dream (MP3)
The Lunar Pilots – Hollow Tunes (MP3)

I really should get a grip on my MySpace-Account, but I found it very painful lately to crawl through all that news and listen to all the music that I apparently should. And some of those artist sites are really terribly designed so that I’m already turned off before I’ve even heard the first notes of the music. Well… I guess I have to do it anyway soon. Keep your fingers crossed…

So let’s see what Last.FM recommends:

a new demo-track by great Florida band The Monday Photo: Tale Of Hope (MP3)

and a demo by Letting Up Despite Great Faults: In Steps (MP3)

and a nice, summery indiepop-tune by Jamie Long: Years (The Sound Of Arrows Remix) (MP3)

That’s it for now, hope next week will be better!

This ‘N That

Here’s quite an unusual version of that Kate Bush classic, Running Up That Hill. The Danes from Spleen United played it together with their friends The William Blakes at a Danish music show. Good one!

Spleen United with The William Blakes – Running Up That Hill (MP3)

Seattle band The Arrogants is no more, but as a farewell gift, they have made all their songs available for free. Get them on their homepage!

The Arrogants – The Distance Between Us (MP3)
The Arrogants – Lovesick (MP3)

More new songs from UKs Small Crew. Here’s the third official single, completely with the B-Side.

Small Crew – Rambling (MP3)
Small Crew – Sunday Strut (MP3)

Ambient-Rock-band Fram also has a new song out. It’s called Darkside, and it’s on their myspace (stream only). Also stream-only is the new one from Dredg. I Don’t Know is the first song from their long-awaited new album. The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion will be out on June 9th.


oxtrot has a new song:

Voxtrot – Trepanation Party (MP3)

Dogs Die In Hot Cars offer a couple of new songs for free via Last.FM… and the best news about it is that they’re actually quite good! There’s also a remix-contest going on if you’re into that. Infos here, Project ends May 1st.

Dogs Die In Hot Cars – Pop Nonsense (MP3)
Dogs Die In Hot Cars – Me Me Me (MP3)

One to watch: Welsh singer Marina & The Diamonds could be big in 2009… check out Obsessions, available via Neon Gold. On the same blog, you can find some more remixes of the song.

Marina & The Diamonds – Obsessions (Body Language Remix) (MP3)

Southerly (read my previous article here) offers – together with their label Arctic Rodeo Recordings – a new song called Close To The Crime. Fine one!

Southerly – Close To The Crime (MP3)

to be continued…

This ‘N That

Sad news first: A Plague Of Angels, one of the first blogs I’ve added to my blogroll, is closing its doors for good. Although molotov‘s posts have gone from witty text to mp3-only-posts recently, his discoveries were always of high quality. I think Blogger’s new deleting-policy finally got the better of Plague Of Angels, but who knows… maybe we will see the resurrection of the angels somewhen and somewhere in the future! I definitely will keep my fingers crossed! Thanks for the last five years, molotov!!!

Looks like Morten had a great time at the White Lies concert this week. Even better he picked up that great album by Wintersleep!

White Lies – Death (MP3)
Wintersleep – Weighty Ghost (MP3)

Here’s an interesting song from German band Ghost Of Tom Joad. Apparently, they’re one of Germany’s favourite indie-darlings, and once you’ve listened to Into The Wild, it’s easy to see why. Their latest album, Matterhorn (yes, that famous mountain in Switzerland!), has just been released and is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Ghost Of Tom Joad – Into The Wild (MP3)

Swedish label Luxxury offers two new tracks from My Darling You! Two EP’s have just been released, and you get one song from each. Information on how to get the rest of it on the label-site.

My Darling You! – Spring (MP3, from A.K ART)
My Darling You! – Dressed4Success (MP3, from Saying Things You Don’t Want To Hear)

This ‘N That

Disappointed by the latest Killers album? Then visit Dreamtime Mix to get a new remix of 2004 smash-hit Mr. Brightside. Excellent work, as always!

Like every year in January, I realize that I have missed at least one great album of the past year. At least it looks like I’m not alone with that 🙂 . Morten also has discovered a great one from 2008, and Lost In Your Inbox lists several missed gems. And me? I’ve just realized that Amy MacDonald‘s debut album is quite brilliant! Looks like I’ve got to risk an eye to the more mainstream-orientated charts from time to time…

I’ve mentioned Gothenburg-band Swedish For Beginners back in December briefly, but their first single Magical Machines has slowly crept into my heart and doesn’t want to leave anymore. So some more credit is in order, and their label Wonderland Records has released another fine song for our listening pleasure. Highly recommended!!!

Swedish For Beginners – Magical Machines (MP3)
Swedish For Beginners – Special Offer (MP3)

Swedish For Beginners – Happy Factory (MP3)
Swedish For Beginners- This City Is Not For Me (MP3)

Talking about Swedish: I’m now part of Radio Schweden, a new Laut.FM-radio-station. The station is the project of various Laut-Forum-users from Sweden, Germany, Austria and of course Switzerland. The basic playlist gives you a fun mix of 80s, Scandinavian Pop, Rock-, Funk- and Jazz-Classics… simply everything that sounds like fun! You can also leave your wishes in the comments, and we’ll try to fulfill them.
We also have special shows running; there’s my Denmark Special on Tuesday at 10pm and Friday at 8pm, and the Lazy Scandinavian Sunday, starting -yep- on Sunday at 2pm. And if you’re in the mood for a trip back to those good, old 80s-Disco-days, catch my Italo-Disco-Mix on Saturday at 10pm… don’t forget your neon clothes!
We will add more shows on the go, and I’ll keep you updated on this. There’s also a blog for the radio station; it has just started and is in German only, but we will add more features like playlists and schedules in the future. Check back often!
And now, start listening to Radio Schweden!