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Quick AirSpiel Update

following my post from October 2009, I have received some news from Glaswegian band AirSpiel: a new release is planned for mid-March (probably a single), more details about that will follow shortly. Then they have started their own youtube-channel which will be filled with some live-videos over the next few weeks. Take a look at I Don’t Know You below, recorded in December 2009.

Last but not least, AirSpiel is offering Freerider as a free download now, without signing up to the newsletter. Of course I still suggest that you enlist there, so you won’t miss any news about the band. And that’s that!

AirSpiel – Freerider (MP3)

You Don’t Know Me (Live at King Tut’s, December 2009):

The Spiel Is On Again!

A couple of news from AirSpiel: there have been quite a few changes in the band’s life. First of all, AirSpiel is now a three-piece; they have no drummer anymore and are using samples, backing tracks and dance beats instead. This also goes in hand with their new musical orientation from indie-rock to indie-disco. The first examples of the new style are now streaming on MySpace.

Further on, singer David Merry has moved from Glasgow to London to be closer to UKs music-scene and also to promote and arrange gigs for AirSpiel. The first ones are already through, and they also did a radio-session with Steve Lamacq on BBC 2. Looks like this train is slowly taking up speed!

The homepage has also been updated, and you can now subscribe to a mailing list. Not only will you be updated with news and stuff then, but you’ll also get the new (and quite brilliant!) song Don’t Hold Back for free when you subscribe. From my experience with the band so far, I’ll say you definitely won’t get flooded with useless information three times a day, but receive real news from real nice chaps. So don’t hesitate and let them know that you’re a fan!

Last but not least, AirSpiel is planning a single release early next year. No plans for a new album so far, but I guess (and hope!) that it will be only a matter of time before we can enjoy new material.

So that’s about it. I will of course keep you updated here on any other news, even if you all subscribe to the mailing list! 🙂

AirSpiel – Broken Record Day (MP3, via Last.FM)

This ‘N That

Glasvegan indie-rockers AirSpiel have released another new song, and again, it is available for free download. It’s a great and up-tempo one again, and it makes me look forward to the second album of the lads; a release date is not yet confirmed, but it should arrive later this year. You’ll read it here when it sees the light of day. For now, go and get the new song here:

AirSpiel – Broken Record Day

Swedish label Wonderland Records has released a “Late Summer Compilation” consisting of 18 songs from their artist roster. You can find all the songs as free downloads by clicking here, and I guess everyone should find something that suits their taste. From Electronica to Singer/Songwriter to Emo- and Indierock… it’s all there! Here are a few of my favourites:

Thermostatic – The Box (MP3)
Markovic – Crayons (MP3)
Quarterhorse – Alina (MP3)
Jesper – Talk Of The Weather (MP3)
Universal Poplab – Summer Struck (MP3)

New sign of life from Swedish pop-act Parker Lewis. It somehow feels unfinished though, but what you hear is a fine taster for future releases. There’s apparently something strange going on between the band and the label mad for it (read about it on the website), but as long as there’s new stuff coming, I don’t really mind.

Parker Lewis – Trouble (MP3)
Parker Lewis – Carousel (MP3, old one)

This ‘N That

OK, here we go with some of the stuff I’ve missed…

Found a nice mail from Dave from Glaswegian band AirSpiel in the mailbox. Attached to it was a new song called Seventh Heaven, and once again, it is a classy and energetic offering from these lads. And the best is yet to come: the song is available for free! Just click the link below to download the ZIP-File, and if you’re not familiar yet with AirSpiel, I highly recommend that you visit the homepage and listen to more of their songs. The debut album is still available to buy via the website, or ITunes as well. Don’t miss!!!
Oh, and if you’re in Glasgow next week… the official single-launch party will take place on March 28th at Nice n Sleazy’s… go and say Hi from me! 🙂

AirSpiel – Seventh Heaven (ZIP-File)

I guess most of you have already downloaded the new Charlatans album from XFM. If not, here’s the link again. The album’s rather good, btw… and you wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth anyway, wouldn’t you? And if you like an actual copy of the album (CD or vinyl), or listen to some songs first, check XFMs microsite here.

The Charlatans – You Cross My Path (Album, ZIP-File)

The Charlatans – You Cross My Path (Single, MP3)
The Charlatans – My Name Is Despair (MP3)

New cool song from Sweden’s racingpaperplanes. Get the websingle and also the B-Side here:

racingpaperplanes – In And Out Of Coma (MP3)
racingpaperplanes – Drive (MP3)

New free music from

The Constantines – Hard Feelings (MP3)
Tilly And The Wall – Cacophony (MP3)
Jim Noir – Don’t You Worry (MP3)
Los Campesinos! – Death To Los Campesinos! (MP3)

Uh, a wonderfullovelycatchy new song from those Danes kind of girl. Stream-only, but you reallyreallyreally shouldn’t miss Someone You Replaced! Keep your fingers crossed for an album-release this year.

Flashback Friday – Not Today…

No flashbacks today, sorry. I was busy the whole week with packing for my next holiday (starting tomorrow, btw.). But here are a few new bits and bobs you might be interested in:

On October 6th, Glaswegians Airspiel will release a new single called I Don’t Know You. Once again, it’s a great and catchy powerrock-song, and if you don’t know Airspiel yet, you should definitely check them out! Debut album is available via their homepage, and the single will be released on iTunes and other download sites. Here’s a short clip:

Airspiel – I Don’t Know You (MP3, Clip)

New additions to Music From Denmark:

The Late Parade


Thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming. And please: post at least one link to a bandsite! Makes it easier for me to find them! I will also start adding Last.FM-links to the site in the future. Keep spreading the word!

Hot Chip offers a new song from their forthcoming album. Just click here, leave some information and (any) email, and get I Became A Volunteer for free! I don’t like everything by the band, but this one is quite ok.

And here’s a quick tipp from our friend J.A.: Ringo Deathstarr (you just have to love this name! 😀 ), an Austin-based quartet offering us some very cool Ambient/Shoegaze-tracks. Really worth listening!

Ringo Deathstarr – Sweet Girl
Ringo Deathstarr – Some Kind Of Sad (MP3)

That’s all for now. I will be on holiday for the next two week, so please check back in week 42 again. Have a good time! 🙂

This ‘n That

from Glasgow’s indie-pop-band AirSpiel has let me know that their rather great debut album In Another Life is now available on iTunes as well. They will also play as a support act to Deacon Blue and The Saw Doctors this coming saturday. More infos on their homepage, and you can still listen to the whole album on the bands bebo-profile!

Another great band from Leeds starts emerging. Stateless has been around for a while now, and has already released a few EPs. The debut album should be out in a few weeks, and this interesting mix of Electronica, Trip-Hop and Indie-Rock could well stir some waves. The fact that singer Chris James sounds a bit like Chris Martin may help, too. Here are three studio-session songs, but make sure you visit the bands MySpace and listen to the excellent tune Down Here!

Stateless – Down Here (Studio Session)

Stateless – Horizon (Studio Session)

Stateless – Running Out (Studio Session)

UK dreampop-indies Engineers have released three new tunes on their MySpace. Unfortunately not downloadable, but really worth listening to! The band is currently touring in the UK, playing new material, so I hope there will be a new album soon!

There’s a new song out from blog-darlings Sir Salvatore. It’s a work in progress for their next EP, but Ambalina already sounds damn catchy, doesn’t it?

Sir Salvatore – Ambalina

Sir Salvatore – Hooray This Projector

Sir Salvatore – Public Key

Last but not least make sure you download and listen to Moto Boy‘s fabulous tune Blue Motorbike I’ve posted yesterday. This could well turn out a veritable summerhit!!!

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Flashback Friday – Not Quite…

I’ll be gone in a FLASH, and won’t be BACK for three weeks…

yep, that’s right. As of tomorrow, I will start my well-earned (stop laughing there in the back!) holiday, and since no one has invented underwater-blogging yet, there won’t be anything new for you to read here. I’ll be back after Easter (if I’m not kidnapped by the Easterbunny, that is!).

But before I go, there are a few things I wanted to share with you:

First of all, AirSpiel has given me permission to post three more songs from their album (read about it here). Better still, these are my three favourites. How good is that? The band also has a profile on bebo (click here) where they will be featured for the whole next week, and you can stream the complete album there. Last but not least, visit their homepage to order the album for only £6.50… I’m sure you can afford that! So here are the songs:

I Woke Up One Day
Final Chapter

Further on, tWAMi has posted a quite excellent remix of New Legs, a song by Danish/Swedish pop-gang Lampshade. You can get the song on his MySpace or via Morten’s post (where you can also get the original version of the song).

Peter from Schallgrenzen has posted a new song by melancho-rockers Antimatter. Hope the new album will turn out as good as the last one! We will know from April 13th when Leaving Eden will be released.

Manchester lads The Tides have put up a new demo on their MySpace called Legal Violence. No download, but the song is worth an earful! Sounds very Stone Roseish to me.

Morten has already found the new song by Ronderlin on MySpace (check his blog for the download), and now there’s also a video to go with the song. Here it is:

Quick tipp: here’s a pretty cool song by Swedish band United. If you like Interpol or Echo And The Bunnymen, this might be something for you!
United – Made For Us (MP3)

Last but not least: the hugger has a fancy new design, The Torture Garden has posted a huuuuuuuuuuge list of free MP3s, and I really like the cover of Travis‘ next album:

That’s about it. Sorry that this was not the usual Flashback Friday post, but I will continue that after my return. Have a good time, you all, and [Schwarzenegger-mode]I’LL BE BACK!!![/Schwarzenegger-mode]