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Mixtape Of The Moment

Welcome to the everchanging mixtape… enjoy!

So Now What? Start Again…?





Gone Diving…

back soon!

Get Some Sleep…

Don’t forget to order your copy of the brilliant Sleep Mountain by those Danes The Kissaway Trail. Check Bella Union for details. And here’s the video for one of the best songs this year:

The Kissaway Trail – SDP (MP3)

That’s What Happens…

…when the mailbox gets too cluttered. I have absolutely no clue anymore who sent me this song initially, but it kind of stuck with me over the past few weeks. Web research led me to the official homepage, but other than four names (Mark, Lee, CJ & Jon), I couldn’t get much more out of there. Just that they apparently create their songs using a three-guitar-setup, and that probably explains the wall-of-sound you’ll hear on Well Wished. They have an album out called Film Noir, and are currently touring around “PA”… guess that’s Philadelphia, right?

Anyway, like the band, I won’t loose much more words and let the music speak instead. Check out Well Wished, and also Flood, which is from the Film Noir album.

Ruse Of Fools – Well Wished (MP3)

Ruse Of Fools – Flood (MP3)