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Mew Twisting The Quest


New album Visuals out April 28th… can’t wait!!!

On The Android This Morning…

Is it just me or does every song seem twice as beautiful when you’re walking through a snow-white winter wonderland?

Hope to put together a more substantial post over the next couple of days… keep your fingers crossed! 🙂

Mew’s News

Earlier this year, a band called Apparatjik recorded a song called Ferreting for a BBC2-documentary. What started as a one-time-stunt is now turning into a major project culminating in a full album-release. Of course all these facts are not very interesting, but once you know who’s behind Apparatjik, it might raise an eyebrow or two: it’s non other than Mew-frontman Jonas Bjierre, A-Ha-guitarist Magne Furuholmen and Coldplay-bassist Guy Berrymann! Following the BBC-recording (which has been up on YouTube since January… really, people… you have to tell me such things!!!), a new single called Electric Eye will be released on the official homepage on November 30th, and the album should be out next year.

Ferreting sounds pretty nice, and it really does have some bits and bobs from each of the three members’ main bands. At least it’s enough to get me interested in hearing more. You can check out the official homepage and the band’s MySpace (both with extremely strange design), and listen to Ferreting below. There are more songs already up on YouTube, and a snippet of Electric Eye has also been made available for download.  I’ll keep you updated on this project as soon as there’s more news!

Apparatjik – Electric Eye (Snippet) (via Mediafire)

Speaking of Mew: the rumours that they are about to release a live-album in December are apparently not true. Read the statement on the band’s homepage.

This ‘N That…

Today is official Muse day. I’m really curious to hear The Resistance; I’m a big fan of Queen‘s masterpiece A Night At The Opera, and from what I’ve heard, there must be quite a few references to that album. I’ll get my copy of The Resistance this noon, and will be spending the afternoon with it (if work will let me do so…).

Kalle from Unisex Mailorder is blogging! Check his site for great indie tipps. It’s in German, but I suppose everyone can spot the band-names and links. 😉 The blog will also be added in the blogroll with the next – long-overdue! – update!

Another tipp from Ryan Benjamin: a pretty new song from The Good Graces called… well, Pretty New Song. It’s taken from the Bring On The Tambourines EP which you can get at Eskimo Kiss Records. Nice stuff indeed!

The Good Graces – Pretty New Song (MP3)
The Good Graces – I Miss The 90s (MP3)

More later… or not! My Firefox had a serious problem, so I had to de- and reinstall everything. Thankfully, all the bookmarks are still here, but the extensions are gone. Will keep me busy for while… 😦

Wow, I just have to post this: due to the FF-crash, I have temporarily switched from listening to music via my PC to the radio, and guess what: I’ve just found a station that plays Mew!!! It was Beach from the new album, and it was actually the first time I ever heard Mew here on the radio. Does this mean that I need to listen to more radio again???

Thoughts On A Monday

I see a small shimmering light at the end of a tunnel. The last few weeks were kinda hectic and filled with various activities, which were all really good, but as one might assume, also very time-consuming. So now things should calm down a bit, and I hope to get into regular blogging again. Let’s see what the future brings! Now here’s some various stuff:

Blitzen Trapper will release their new full-length album Furr on September 8th, and to get us in the mood, the Black River Killer EP is already out there. Download the title track here:
Blitzen Trapper – Black River Killer (MP3)

Been listening to Mew‘s latest offering for a few times now, and I still can’t make my mind up on what to think of it. While some parts really show the sheer genius of the band, other songs just leave me puzzled. I will definitely spend some more time with the album, but as of now, I can’t see it reach the heights of Frengers or The Glass Handed Kites. Visit Daytrotter for two songs from a live-session.

Check out Mountain Mirror‘s new bandcamp site for a couple of free downloads.

Swell Season is a side-project from The FramesGlen Hansard and Czech singer Marketa Irglova. Yes, the couple that made Once one of the finest and lovliest music-movies of the past years. Spinner has an article and an exclusive download.

New albums currently on rotation at MOTM:

– Music Go Music – Expressions
– Arctic Monkeys – Humbug
– The Big Pink – A Brief History Of Love
– Dappled Cities – Zounds
– Dúné – Enter Metropolis
– Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu – Gurrumul
– Julian Plenti – …Is Skyscraper
– Maps – Turning The Mind
– Rodrigo Y Gabriela – 11:11

If any of these manage to make an impact here, is yet to be seen… but you’ll read it if it happens! 🙂

Danish Quickies

Dream-Pop-Heroes Moi Caprice are currently in the studio working on some new songs as well as alternative versions of their hits. This all will go onto a singles collection which is set for a release later this year. According to the band’s latest MySpace-blog, the collection will contain fourteen singles, nine re-recordings and two new songs, all on a double CD. That sounds like a nice package, even for fans that already own every release from Moi Caprice (like me… 🙂 ).
Moi Caprice – Drama Queen (MP3)

Mew has a new video out for Introducing Palace Players, taken from their next album No More Stories… (which I still successfully avoided to download!). As expected it is as strange and beautifully weird as you would expect it, with snails riding laser-firing monoliths… need I say more? Check the video here.
Mew – Repeaterbeater (MP3, via Spinner)

Americana-influenced band Funky Nashville is now called Grand Fiction (probably changed their name a while ago, but I just found out). Anyway, the music still sounds very good to me. There are four songs from the forthcoming album on their homepage (find two of them below), as well as a couple of the older ones. Check them out!
Grand Fiction – Hollywood (MP3, highly recommended!!!)
Grand Fiction – You Got To Slow (MP3)
Funky Nashville – Hitch A Ride (MP3)
Funky Nashville – Mexican Stars (MP3)
more songs here.

This ‘N That

Thought I’d let you know that I’m still around. Unfortunately, that can’t be said for anyone. I guess I don’t have to get in any deeper on news about Michael Jackson‘s death. Sad story really… during my ongoing CD-ripping-process, I just came across Thriller this week and was again reminded what a fine album it still is. Well, MJ certainly wasn’t anyone’s cup of tea, but as an 80s-child, I grew up with his music during his most popular era. And despite all the strange and not seldom outrageous stories surrounding him during the last years, I always saw him as a talented artist. He has definitely written music-history, and I guess his legacy will live on forever. RIP, Michael.

Here’s what other bloggers wrote:

Innersounds has posted a remix of Rock With You
Dreamtime offers his own Mix of Dirty Diana
Last Second Thoughts posted a live-video of Billie Jean

OK, on to more positive news now: you probably already know that Mew will release a new EP next Tuesday, and a full album will follow on August 25th (it’s gonna be a great birthday present for me! 🙂 ). Now Spinner has uploaded the first single taken from the EP. It’s short and cool and makes waiting for the album even more harder. Get Repeaterbeater here!