Slowly, Slowly…

…I’m crawling my way to all the new stuff that has been flooding in over the past weeks. First of all, there were some announcements of new albums to look forward to:

Delays: Star Tiger, Star Ariel will be out on June 7th. Album opener Find A Home (New Forest Shaker) is yours for free if you give the guys your e-mail. Visit the official homepage for details.

Teenage Fanclub: woohooo, this is great news! Shadows is the name of the new album, out on May 31st. Baby Lee, a first song, is available for free here. And what a great track it is! Bring on summer!

Band Of Horses: their latest baby will be called Infinite Arms, and will see the light of day on May 18th. Check the Hypemachine for various download-sources of Compliments.

Secret Machines: no new album in sight, but a new single that definitely rises hopes for more. Like I Can can also be found on the Hype. Also check out Terrible Light, the B-side.

Oh, and before I forget, here’s the latest offering from the Viola Music Club; quite a change to their previous releases! :[

Viola – Chaos Shall Reign! (MP3)

2 responses to “Slowly, Slowly…

  1. This Viola-song has to be a joke (or a lost bet :-)!

  2. I just thought the same….

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