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Soundchecking Dredg

On the latest Schallgrenzen-Soundcheck, Dredg‘s new album The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion was up for reviews. Here are my thoughts:

One thing before I start: all those fans eagerly expecting a new Leitmotif can now turn away and keep their “Mainstream and Commercialization”-Boo-Hoos for themselves. Because since Catch Without Arms everyone should have figured out that Dredg is more than just an experimental ArtProg-Band for Brainiacs. PPD is a perfect symbiosis of Dredg‘s former works. True, the songs are partly very Pop-influenced, but those sly foxes wrap up their sounds so skillful that you just can’t categorize them as your average popsong-fare. I mean… what other band manages to deliver a song like Mourning This Mourning with its slow beat and 70ies-Glam-Disco-Strings (I’m reminded of Fly Robin Fly every time!) so effortlessly cool and laid-back? And Information – labeled by many critics as their weakest song yet – is in my ears just a grand hymn to bow down before. I really can’t find anything bad on PPD; the album has a great flow which is not at least thanks to those short and well-crafted intermezzos; no fillers, but a perfect addition.

I assume that this album will keep on turning here for a good few months to come, and a spot in the year-end-Top-10 is almost already written in stone. To bring this baby home: with all due respect to Leitmotif and El Cielo, but Dredg are simply more than that. And that is definitely a good thing!

More Various Stuff

Here’s an excellent, summery song from Danish Singer/Songwriter Dennis Mejdal:

Dennis Mejdal – Broken Satellite (MP3)

Listened to Dredg‘s new album The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion for the first time yesterday, and was completely blown away. This will definitely be on a lots of 2009-best-of-list!

Dutch band Johan, whom I’ve mentioned briefly back in 2006, and who also took the top spot for MOTM Best Pop album in the same year, has just released a new album simply called 4 (guess why it’s called that…). Once again, it turned out to be a collection of well-crafted, catchy pop-songs, and I still wonder why no-one seems to know them… but then, we are living in a cruel music-world! Here’s a track from brilliant 2006-album THX Johan:

Johan – She’s Got A Way With Men (MP3)

This ‘N That

Here’s quite an unusual version of that Kate Bush classic, Running Up That Hill. The Danes from Spleen United played it together with their friends The William Blakes at a Danish music show. Good one!

Spleen United with The William Blakes – Running Up That Hill (MP3)

Seattle band The Arrogants is no more, but as a farewell gift, they have made all their songs available for free. Get them on their homepage!

The Arrogants – The Distance Between Us (MP3)
The Arrogants – Lovesick (MP3)

More new songs from UKs Small Crew. Here’s the third official single, completely with the B-Side.

Small Crew – Rambling (MP3)
Small Crew – Sunday Strut (MP3)

Ambient-Rock-band Fram also has a new song out. It’s called Darkside, and it’s on their myspace (stream only). Also stream-only is the new one from Dredg. I Don’t Know is the first song from their long-awaited new album. The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion will be out on June 9th.

New Album News

Hope you all had a good Easter Holiday… I sure did! As you might have noticed, I didn’t have much time for the blog, but I’ll do my best to pick up the speed again. Let’s see what goes…

Death Cab For Cutie has revealed the artwork for their highly anticipated next album, Narrow Stairs. I’ve been listening to the first single I Will Possess Your Heart over the last few days, and I really like it… the bass-line is just ace, and with a running time of just over 8 minutes, it is perfect for a long-song-lover like me. Really looking forward to the album! Here’s the cover of Narrow Stairs:
(including a stream of the single)

Death Cab For Cutie – Bend To Squares (MP3)
Death Cab For Cutie – Champagne From A Paper Cup (Live) (MP3)

Another album I’m looking for is Everything’s The Rush, the third album by UKs indie-dream-rockers Delays. Release date is May 5th, and a new video for another fine song called Hooray has just popped up. Watch and listen here.

Check out dredg‘s myspace for some tasters of their next album… could be a good one, too!

And while you’re surfing around MySpace anyway, check out The Good Old Days (stream-only), a new single by Leeds-lads The Lodger. Their debut was a refreshing offering of brit-pop, and going by this new song, album #2 will follow that lead. Fine with me, I could do with some more of those tunes! Life Is Sweet will be released in May.

The Lodger – You Got Me Wrong (MP3)
The Lodger – Let Her Go (MP3)