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White Lies’ Ritual

Been listening to White Lies‘ second outing Ritual for the last couple of days, and it’s safe to say that we have the first great album of 2011 here! I do miss an instant hit like Death was, but in my opinion, Ritual works better as an overall experience. You get the raging guitars, the pumping indie-disco-beats and just enough synthies to glimpse back into the 80s without losing touch with the present. Is Love, Strangers, The Peace & The Glory and of course first single Bigger Than Us are my favourites so far, but I guess more will be added to this list soon enough!

I can’t wait until my Limited Edition arrives in the mailbox; the set just looks stunning on the pics and will definitely be a fine addition to my collection!

Hello Everybody!

Once again, sorry for the ongoing lack of posts. But I can tell you that my CD-ripping-project – which kept me really busy for the last weeks – has finally come to an end. All that’s left now is the tagging and the re-organisation of my MP3-collection, and there’s no immediate rush for doing that. Most of the songs are already properly tagged and sorted, and the rest will follow bit by bit. So I really hope that I can finally pick up the blogging again. I haven’t logged on to MySpace for several weeks now, and there are still some unread mails in the mailbox. Sorry to all of you who have written and received no answer so far… I’ll do my best to get rid of the piles of work waiting for me!

So here are just a few bits to start:

Spinner offers another song from one of this years best albums:
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Young Adult Friction (MP3)

Another album which could turn into a 2009 favourite has just arrived in my collection. The Fatales‘ debut Great Surround sounds like a grower; and here’s the song that got me hooked to the band in the first place a few years ago:
The Fatales – Vanishing Act (MP3)

Moby‘s latest, Wait For Me, still has a bit of growing to do; listened to it a few times now, but so far it didn’t leave a big impression. More rounds are in order.
Moby – Shot In The Back Of The Head (MP3)

Last but not least, here’s a “HotNewBand” covering a song from a former “HotNewBand”:
White Lies – Only Ones Who Know (Arctic Monkeys Cover) (MP3)

This ‘N That

Sad news first: A Plague Of Angels, one of the first blogs I’ve added to my blogroll, is closing its doors for good. Although molotov‘s posts have gone from witty text to mp3-only-posts recently, his discoveries were always of high quality. I think Blogger’s new deleting-policy finally got the better of Plague Of Angels, but who knows… maybe we will see the resurrection of the angels somewhen and somewhere in the future! I definitely will keep my fingers crossed! Thanks for the last five years, molotov!!!

Looks like Morten had a great time at the White Lies concert this week. Even better he picked up that great album by Wintersleep!

White Lies – Death (MP3)
Wintersleep – Weighty Ghost (MP3)

Here’s an interesting song from German band Ghost Of Tom Joad. Apparently, they’re one of Germany’s favourite indie-darlings, and once you’ve listened to Into The Wild, it’s easy to see why. Their latest album, Matterhorn (yes, that famous mountain in Switzerland!), has just been released and is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Ghost Of Tom Joad – Into The Wild (MP3)

Swedish label Luxxury offers two new tracks from My Darling You! Two EP’s have just been released, and you get one song from each. Information on how to get the rest of it on the label-site.

My Darling You! – Spring (MP3, from A.K ART)
My Darling You! – Dressed4Success (MP3, from Saying Things You Don’t Want To Hear)