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Death Cab For April Fools

If you’re a freuquent reader of the ever-growing blogosphere, you might have heard about the prank with the new Death Cab For Cutie album-leak (if not, read about it in detail here). The same guy that uploaded the new Interpol-album last year (which turned out to be songs from Swedish band Cut City), did it again this year. But instead of getting DCFC‘s latest release, the leechers that fell for it got a collection of songs from German band Velveteen.

Now you can think what you want about that foolery, but the fact remains that the Germans got some free promotion for their music, and that really is a good thing! I have not downloaded the leak, but the band offers some of their songs on the homepage. And while there are indeed some similarities to Death Cab For Cutie – especially voice-wise – I can also hear further influences like for example Gravenhurst (on The Body & The Frequence) or fellow Germans Slut (on Run If You Can). Velveteen have some very appealing and fresh indie-pop-tunes up their sleeves, and it certainly spawned my interest for more… my copy of their latest release, Homewaters, is already on the way!

It will be another month before we can embrace the latest DCFC offering, so I guess you don’t have to look any further for a way to bridge that time. Listen to the songs below, and visit Velveteen‘s official homepage and MySpace for more. April Fool’s day has never been that entertaining! 🙂

Frome Homewaters, 2007:
Velveteen – After The KM Tapes (MP3)
Velveteen – The Drummer Goes Berserk (MP3)

From The Outdoor Method, 2005:
Velveteen – The Body & The Frequence (MP3)

From Keep It To Yourself, 2003:
Velveteen – Run If You Can (MP3)

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