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This ‘N That

I was thinking about the unavoidable year-end-lists today (I’ll give you the reason for that further down below), and I remembered that I wanted to check out what two of my former best-album-winners are up to right now. Well, whilst Youth Group have announced that they will take a year off in 2010 and return in 2011, The Shins have no real news whatsoever on a new album. Sad news from both parties, I think… at least, the Shout Out Louds and Get Well Soon, two other favourites from the past years, will come up soon with new stuff. So it looks like I’m stuck with Youth Group‘s The Night Is Ours and The ShinsWincing The Night Away for another while, but that really isn’t such a bad thing as I still enjoy both albums!

Youth Group – Sorry (MP3)

The Shins – Phantom Limb (MP3)

Morten briefly mentioned Matinée Recordings in his post today, and while I’m also looking forward to some of those releases (especially Northern Portrait), I also found these two beauties on the label’s homepage. Perfectly innocent autumn-pop for this gray day!

Math And Physics Club – Darling Please Come Home (MP3)

The Windmills – Drug Autumn (MP3)

Oh yes, the reason for me thinking about year-end-lists: as you might or might not know, I’m an occasional DJ at virtual radio station Radio Schweden. The station is a community project of people from Sweden, Germany and little Switzerland. And on the following weekends, we will have a special show called – you guessed it – the Best Of 2009. Each of us was appointed two hours to fill with the songs we liked best this year, and we will broadcast these series in two parts. So this coming Friday, November 27th, at 8pm CET, one of my German friends will start with the first hour, and from 9pm, it will be my turn. Look for the MiniMix: Best Of 2009 Vol. 1! On Saturday, November 28th at the same time, my two other co-DJ’s will present their hits. In a weeks time, we will scramble these series (so I’ll probably be on with the same show on Saturday), and the week after that, we will present Volumes 2. You don’t have to keep all these dates in mind (just the first ones this weekend! 🙂 ), as I’m going to announce the schedule again here in due time. So, mark your calenders and tune in to Radio Schweden!!! (Of course, the playlist will be published here as well… somewhen in December).

MOTM’s Best Album Of 2007

As promised yesterday, here’s the battle for the best album of 2007. Yes, battle… because I’ve got two contenders this year, and I just can’t pick one. So here’s what I’ll do: I’ll let the songs battle it out! Ladies and Gentlemen, take your seats and witness The Shins from the U.S. of A. in the blue corner fighting against the Shout Out Louds from Sweden in the red corner. Wincing The Night Away or Our Ill Wills… who will it be? Let’s get ready to rumble!

Round 1:
Sleeping Lessons Vs. Tonight I Have To Leave It
The Shins have a great opener, but the SOL track is easily one of the best tunes this year!
Shins : SOL 0:1

Round 2:
Australia Vs. Parent’s Livingroom
This one’s for the Shins. Great chorus on the SOL track, but overall, Australia’s better!
Shins : SOL 1:1

Round 3:
Pam Berry Vs. You Are Dreaming
Well, Pam Berry really isn’t a proper song (but a great introduction to the next one!), and You Are Dreaming is my favourite SOL-song, so this one’s clear.
Shins : SOL 1:2

Round 4:
Phantom Limb Vs. Suit Yourself
I guess Phantom Limb’s my favourite 2007 song, so I can’t give the point to SOL.
Shins : SOL 2:2

Round 5:
Sea Legs Vs. Blue Headlights
Two dark horses, but Sea Legs wins with a nose’s length!
Shins : SOL 3:2

Round 6:
Red Rabbits Vs. Impossible
Impossible’s just too good to not win, even if Red Rabbits is a very nice one, too.
Shins : SOL 3:3

Round 7:
Turn On Me Vs. Normandie
Has to be Turn On Me, my second-favourite song from the album. Sorry, Normandie…
Shins : SOL 4:3

Round 8:
Black Wave Vs. South America
This one goes to SOL once again… South America is one of the coolest tunes this year!
Shins : SOL 4:4

Round 9:
Split Needles Vs. Ill Wills
Hmmm… this is hard. I think I’ll go for Split Needles. Yeah, that I’ll do!
Shins : SOL 5:4

Round 10:
Girl Sailor Vs. Time Left For Love
Once again, a very hard decision. Both songs are exceptionally great. Ah, damn… I’m voting for the Shins because that song kept following me for two weeks on my holiday this March!
Shins : SOL 6:4

Round 11:
A Comet Appears Vs. Meat Is Murder
Oh well… A Comet Appears is nice, but Meat Is Murder is just a bit nicer… point for the SOL!
Shins : SOL 6:5

Round 12:
Hard Rain
OK, what do I do now? The Shout Out Louds have one song left, and it’s quite a good one. Based on points so far, The Shins are the winners, but there’s Hard Rain… and a decision has to be made. Hmm…



Well, here’s what I’ll do: since I’m calling the shots here, and there really are no rules for such lists, I’m gonna make a double-winner this year! Easy as that! So here it is:


The Shins – Wincing The Night Away
Shout Out Louds – Our Ill Wills

To finish this year’s best-of-lists, I’ve got one honourable mention that probably would have made the top spot if it would have been around for a bit longer. Here goes:

Belarus – Communicate

Thanks to the work and effort of a small label called Playdead, the debut album of Belarus was released even when the band had broke up earlier this year. And we would have missed one of the best britpop-albums in years if it wasn’t for Playdead! Eleven britrock-gems that easily surpass most of the hyped releases of 2007. If you’re buying one last album this year (or are looking for the first one to buy in 2008), I highly recommend that you invest your money in Belarus! Visit Playdead‘s website for more information, and listen to Belarus‘ music on these two MySpace-sites:

Stay tuned for a special Christmas treat tomorrow!!!

Guess Who’s Back!

Yep, it’s me! After two weeks of diving in the Caribbean, and one week skiing in the Alps (quite a contrast!), I’m ready for new music, and there seems to be lots around! I’ve already visited some blogs, worked my way through the mailbox and listened to some of my latest CD arrivals. I’m nowhere near ready to present it all to you, but I will start to put it all together during this week. Just a little more patience, please… 🙂

For now, I’ll give you a nice little story. Actually, it’s an article I’ve read in The Guardian whilst flying back from my diving holiday. It really put a smile on my face… maybe it does the same for you! Here goes the story of proud mum Sara Howard:

Sick of the Wiggles, I decided to make an adult-friendly kids’ playlist for my four-year-old son. I couldn’t bear the thought of enduring another long drive singing Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga.

So I downloaded a few of my childhood favourites, including the Muppets’ Manamanah and The Bare Necessities, along with sing-along old hits such as Eagle Rock and Mellow Yellow (yellow being my son Dylan’s absolute favourite colour in the whole world).

But it was another yellow-themed song, Yellow Submarine, that was the greatest hit. I loved the Beatles as a child, and remember discovering Dad’s vinyl collection – and later discussing The White Album with him (I loathed it).

As Ringo’s voice rang through the car stereo for the first time, I turned to see Dylan’s delighted face. At the end he said: “That was so cool, Mummy – I think that it must be sung by Superman.”

I don’t think a music critic could ever give the Beatles a better review.

And here’s one song that has been following me during the last three weeks:

(actually, the new album was the most heard one during my holiday… that’s how good it is!!!)

Last but not least, some holiday snaps… enjoy! 🙂