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Still here…

Another busy week almost over, and finally a bit of free time to write something here. Couldn’t really do some serious research on new sounds, so here are just some bits and bobs:

MAPS will have a new album out soon. It will be called Turning The Mind, and the first single Let Go Of The Fear is now streaming on MySpace, or available at various download-stores. Kind of curious what it will sound like… We Can Create was a really fantastic album!

The Lunar Pilots is a UK Band and delivers some quite appealing indie-rock-tunes with just a hint of synth. Their latest EP Perfect Dream/Only You has just been released and is available at download-stores. Here are two songs off the EP, and you can find more information on their MySpace.

The Lunar Pilots – Perfect Dream (MP3)
The Lunar Pilots – Hollow Tunes (MP3)

I really should get a grip on my MySpace-Account, but I found it very painful lately to crawl through all that news and listen to all the music that I apparently should. And some of those artist sites are really terribly designed so that I’m already turned off before I’ve even heard the first notes of the music. Well… I guess I have to do it anyway soon. Keep your fingers crossed…

So let’s see what Last.FM recommends:

a new demo-track by great Florida band The Monday Photo: Tale Of Hope (MP3)

and a demo by Letting Up Despite Great Faults: In Steps (MP3)

and a nice, summery indiepop-tune by Jamie Long: Years (The Sound Of Arrows Remix) (MP3)

That’s it for now, hope next week will be better!

More This ‘N That

Finally, Knut from Eardrums has uploaded Volume C and D from his latest Eardrums-compilation. For a whole bunch of shiny-happy indie-pop, visit Eardrums Pop!

I’ve added another German blog to the blogroll: es ist der musik blog (it’s the music blog). The owner is an old forum-friend from, and you should check out his music-tipps even if you don’t understand German. Great finds there!

Yeah, Grunge is dead, I know. But the best album of this era is essential to every record-collection, and there’s no better time to fill that hole now with this great re-release (or even re-buy it as I did!). Best thing about it is that with the current low £, I can get the Deluxe Edition via UK cheaper than the regular edition here in Switzerland!

Hey, nobody told me that Merz is back in business!!! Definitely great to see that Mars Needs More Guitars!

Finnish indie-rock-band Viola has decided to release their future work for free. Since April 1st, they post a new song each month, starting with Cute Destroyer. To keep track with the releases, visit the Viola Music Club where you can also find all the older albums (for free as well).

Viola – Cute Destroyer (MP3)
Viola – Sad Eyed Disco Dancers (MP3)
Viola – Outsider Code (MP3)

And to end this post with more music, here are some of the latest Last.FM-recommendations:

The Monday PhotoTale Of Hope (MP3, new track from this fab band!)

Dogs Die In Hot Cars – To Get Love Returned (MP3)

Ray – Shattered Moments (MP3)

Bloom – My Finest Desire (MP3)