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Get Your Freebies!

Lots of freebies today:

Labrador offers a new song from Club 8. Yes, it is a completely new one that hasn’t been included on the band’s latest, rather good album The People’s Record.

Club 8 – Closer Now (MP3)

Club 8 – Western Hospitality (MP3, from The People’s Record)

Of course, with a new month, there’s also a new song by Viola. Here’s an attempt do reanimate Enigma:

Viola – La Formule Du Bonheur (MP3)

The Concretes have signed with Friendly Fire Recordings, and the new album WYWH will be released there on November 9th. Good news indeed!

The Concretes – Good Evening (MP3)

Also new on Friendly Fire is NY electro-indie-act Violens who will also release their debut album Amoral on November 2nd. One to keep on the radar! (And as a bonus, you can download Violens‘ own Summer Mixtape right here)

Violens – Acid Reign (MP3)

Reloaded, Redeemed, Returned

So I finally reloaded all my old posts from the Blogger-account (here‘s the whole story if you’ve not yet heard about it) to WordPress. All the links are still there, but I guess quite a few won’t work anymore. And I will also start to remove all “dubious” links over the next few weeks (probably months), to prevent any legal actions. I have to admit that I really got comfortable with WordPress, and hearing about Blogger still deleting blogs out of the blue only confirms my decision to switch.

Viola have redeemed themselves after the rather terrible freebie Chaos Shall Reign! from last month (click here if you’re brave enough!). Leave It All Again, this month’s freebie, combines Kate Bush, Faith No More‘s Evidence, Phil Collins, Jan Hammer, 2. Maanantai and contemporary R n’ B, so they say. It’s definitely much much better than last month’s chaos!

Viola – Leave It All Again (MP3)

Last but not least Swedish indie-pop-combo The Concretes have returned with a new song called Good Evening. Apparently, a new album is in the making, and if Good Evening is anything to go by, it could be a great one. Download the 6:27-monster from Bandcamp.

This ‘n That

The latest additions on Music From Denmark:

Ampel – The Beauty Of Mistakes
The Broken Beats – Little By Littel
The Cupids
Heartbreak Disco – New Romantic Street
The Night
Tetris = Therapy
US With Millions

Check the complete list here, and keep the suggestions coming!

About that concert on Thursday: it would have been fun, but it started so late that I could only watch 30 minutes of the Shout Out Louds before I had to run to the train! I was really pissed off, and I wrote the club afterwards that it’s impossible to travel by train (as they suggest on their homepage because there are no parking facilities around!) and see the full concert. I did not expect to get an answer, but I was wrong. I’ve received a very detailed mail about what happened on that day. As it turned out, I was lucky that I got to see the SOL and The Concretes at all! The bands apparently had a really troubled day, starting with the tour bus breaking down, traffic jams and and and… they finally arrived at the location at 6 hours late and still had to set up the stage. The Concretes even did their gig withouth having had dinner before! Sometimes you just don’t see behind it all, do you?
Well, it was at least a slight comfort for me, and the nice lady from the club also offered to put me on the guest list for a next concert. Nice one! And what I saw from both bands was ace, btw.!

Next up on my concert list are The Raveonettes, supported by the Havana Guns. Next wednesday is the date, and I will definitely travel by car this time! Don’t want to miss any of the Raveonettes‘ set, and I’m really curious what show the Guns will pull!

Havana Guns – I Want To Die
The Raveonettes – Dead Sound

Don’t wait for the Lazy Sunday Mix tomorrow… and you can fully blame Morten for it! 🙂 I’ll be meeting him and his family and will show them some sights in and around Lucerne. Should be a fun day, weather forecast is good, too… nice opportunity to chat and have a beer or two by the lake! 🙂 Expect a few pics next week!

That’s it for now, have a good weekend, my dear friends!

Just When You Thought…

… it’s gonna be an easy week, things turn out completely different! I have only one week to go until my holiday, and somehow people just started to pile up work on my desk… even those that don’t know that I’ll be on holiday soon! Curse them!!! 😦

Anyway, no use complaining, at least I’ve got a nice evening to look forward to: a Swedish double-pack with The Concretes and the Shout Out Louds! Should be fun! 🙂