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Mixed News

has announced the re-release of their 2000-album Half The World Is Watching Me. Read the press statement:

By public demand Mew are now finally re-issuing their album “Half the World is Watching Me”, originally released in 2000. The album features many of Mew’s most popular songs to date, and the re-issue will feature a bonus CD with 9 previously unreleased tracks such as demos, live recordings, and studio recordings (among them the title-track “Half the World is Watching Me”), which were not included back then.

The album has been unavailable since the original 5000 copies were sold out in 2000.

In other words: A must-have for any Mew fan! Released on Evil Office 6 August 2007.

A Must-Have for any fan indeed! You can find a tracklist of the older versions on Wiki! If you can’t wait until August 6th, you can buy the original album here… if you like to spend 190$, that is!!!

Mew – Saliva (MP3)

The Picture will release their second album Drift Away on July 20th. They have uploaded three new tracks to their MySpace. Download Arrested from the link below, and listen to the two other songs on MySpace.

The Picture – Arrested (MP3)
The Picture – Patterns (MP3) (from the debut album Connect)
The Picture – Rise (MP3) (from the debut album Connect)

Canada’s Stars have chosen a unconventional way for the release of their new album In Our Bedroom After The War. Although the physical release of the CD will be in September, they have put the album up on iTunes just two days after completing it. As they assume that the album will leak anyway soon, they have chosen to sell it the legal way this early, and hope that the fans will follow this offer. I guess they’ll do… I will wait until September though!

Stars – The Night Starts Here (MP3)

Yet another new song comes from UKs Kyte. Sunlight is another beauty that you shouldn’t miss!

Kyte – Sunlight (MP3)


The new Hot Tracks for this week are only a few, but I’ve added some older classics to the post. Here are the new ones, and check the post for songs from Kaiser Chiefs, Gentle Touch, IAMX or the Pernice Brothers!

God Love You For A Liar – Holding You Is Like Keeping Water In My Hands

The Polyphonic Spree – Running Away

Cuba Missouri – Lover’s Leap

Amazonair – Amazing

oh, and make sure you visit the homepage of Danish melancho-rockers Saybia and watch the video for their beautiful new song Angel!

And finally, download a new single from Canadians Stars, taken off their next album called In Our Bedroom After The War, to be released on September 25th!

Stars – The Night Starts Here (MP3)