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More Weirdness…

I’m in the middle of correcting my re-loaded posts and came across this one just a few minutes ago. Now the original post included an MP3 of the band‘s song Heroin Unlimited; it’s no longer available, so I deleted the link. And what happened next? My Mediamonkey, which is running on shuffle today, must have sensed my action and started to play… right, Heroin Unlimited! Sometimes I really think there’s a ghost in the system!!!

OK… now I’m starting to worry… next song on the playlist was Twilight Zone by Golden Earring! And here’s me thinking Halloween was over! 😀

Nine Inch Nails – 1 Ghost I (MP3)

Bang Gang – Something Wrong (MP3)


I’ll keep you updated on my paranormal day!

This ‘N That

Here’s quite an unusual version of that Kate Bush classic, Running Up That Hill. The Danes from Spleen United played it together with their friends The William Blakes at a Danish music show. Good one!

Spleen United with The William Blakes – Running Up That Hill (MP3)

Seattle band The Arrogants is no more, but as a farewell gift, they have made all their songs available for free. Get them on their homepage!

The Arrogants – The Distance Between Us (MP3)
The Arrogants – Lovesick (MP3)

More new songs from UKs Small Crew. Here’s the third official single, completely with the B-Side.

Small Crew – Rambling (MP3)
Small Crew – Sunday Strut (MP3)

Ambient-Rock-band Fram also has a new song out. It’s called Darkside, and it’s on their myspace (stream only). Also stream-only is the new one from Dredg. I Don’t Know is the first song from their long-awaited new album. The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion will be out on June 9th.

Weirdness In The Morning…

Spleen United – Failure 1977
good to see that they’ve decided to release my favourite song from Neanderthal as their next single!


Mixed Bag Of News

will release their first album, Elegies Of Lessons Learnt, on October 1st. A single called Deception will also be released, on September 10th. Head over to the band’s MySpace to listen to Victress, the B-Side of the single. And here’s the tracklist for the album:

1. We All Fall Down
2. Twenty Five Sins
3. The Deception
4. Voice of Reason
5. Death of an Idealist
6. Remnants of an Army
7. We Go Hunting
8. Come Over
9. Spencer Perceval
10. Epiphany
11. Death is the End

Sweden’s Moonbabies will finally release their new album At The Ballroom in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on August 31st. Niiiiice!

The Moonbabies – Sun A.M. (MP3)

Swiss melancho-rockers Mañana will be going into the studio to record their debut album. If you haven’t heard of the band before, you should definitely check out the sound clips below, and if you’re a videogamer, you might already know their brilliant signature tune Miss Evening, which was on the soundtrack to Fifa Football 2005.

Mañana – Fast Days (MP3)
Mañana – Miss Evening (MP3)
Mañana – There It Goes (MP3)

Danes Spleen United are also giving the finishing touches to their second album. It will be released early 2008, and if it’s just nearly as good as the debut album, it will be a smash hit. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Another bit of news from Denmark, but not good ones: JoyceHotel have called it quits and no longer exist as a band. No news if any of the members will go solo. Sad news indeed!

The end of a band doesn’t necessarily mean the end of it all though. Brits Belarus are living proof. The band decided to split up a few months ago, just before their debut album was about to be released. Now the fine folks at Play Dead Records have put in an effort to save the works of Belarus, and finally, the album is ready to order! My copy is already on the way, and I’ll write about it when it’s here. In the meantime, please visit the band’s two myspace-sites and listen to some of the finest Britpop-tunes from this great band!

And to complete this post, here are a few new songs that I recommend… full and free as ever! 🙂

Little Big Adventure – The Easiest Thing (MP3)

Northern Portrait – What Happens Next (MP3)

Sambassadeur – Subtle Changes (MP3, via Pitchfork)

Red Sleeping Beauty – Don’t Say You Love Me (MP3)