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Quick Tipp

Another busy day at the office, so here’s just a quick one, and it’s coming from Sweden as well.

Singer/Songwriter-project racingpaperplanes has released two new songs, and you can get them for free. Nice move, and on top of it, the songs are really good! If you feel like more, check their MySpace for more downloads!

racingpaperplanes – City Lights (MP3)
racingpaperplanes – You If Anyone (MP3)

Swedish Promo Pack, Part I

A couple of days ago, I received a nice promo-pack from Swedish label Wonderland Records. No less than 5 CDs were in it, and I’m gonna introduce 3 of them to you over the next few days. To some of you they might not be news, but I still think they are worth listening to. I’m gonna start with the one that impressed me most.

In 2007, Goteborg-based band Markovic released their debut-album Adoreus. And although I knew their song Crayons already (and liked that one!), I didn’t care about listening to the rest. Well, big mistake! Adoreus is a very interesting and cool debut, and it’s a bit strange that it didn’t cause bigger waves. Some might say the songs are too overblown, but I think it all comes together perfectly. I’m often reminded of older Suede when listening to Adoreus, as singer Johan Berg has that special melancholy in his voice like Mr Anderson does. Add the epic songwriting to this voice, and you’ll end up with an emotional and very catchy album. This definitely isn’t your average Swedish happy indie-pop; I think Markovic‘s ambitious and gloomy sound is more likely to be found in the Kent-corner.

The band-biography doesn’t give away much (in fact, there’s only the above picture there…), and so does MySpace. And the bio on Wonderland Records is available in Swedish only. Well, we know they’re from Sweden, we know that the band consists of five musicians, and thanks to the permission of Wonderland Records, we can listen to some music of Markovic. And I’m also linking to the Emo Remix which can be downloaded for free from the band’s MySpace. Now it’s your turn to discover Markovic! Oh, and btw.: the band is currently touring Sweden and the UK, so if you want to see them live, check their MySpace for the dates.

Markovic – MakeBeliever (MP3)
Markovic – Crayons (MP3)
Markovic – Emo (Cazuma Remix) (MP3)


Time for some Danish Delight today. What happens if you put synthpop, powerdisco and a Nintendo gameboy into a blender? Apart from messing up the blender, you might end up with sounds from TOKIO. No, not TOKIO, Japan, but TOKIO, Denmark!

Consisting of a drummer, a singer and two synth guys, TOKIO‘s main mission is to get everyone off their asses and onto the dance-floor. And – as they say – they want to do that in the most simple way: a beat, a bass, a hook and a bit of pling-plong (this probably is where the gameboy comes handy!). The band was founded back in 2005, and started playing in practically every venue around Aarhus. Two EPs were released during the last years, one in 2006, the latest in 2007. They are currently located in Copenhagen, touring Denmark and plan to visit Germany as well in the near future.

TOKIO has released 5 songs so far (check their MySpace for more downloads), and if the mission is to bring people to the dance-floor, they completely succeed with this repertoire! All the songs will hit you without a detour, and chances are high that they’ll stuck with you for quite a while. A big part of that is due to the singer’s voice which perfectly fits the energetic songs. Well, I’ll stop now describing the music, you best listen for yourself. Don’t forget your plateaus!!!

TOKIO – Cool (MP3)
TOKIO – Boy (MP3)
TOKIO – Loud (MP3)

Of course TOKIO will also be added to the Music From Denmark blog soon!

Danmark On The Antilles

And while we’re at it, here’s another band from Denmark. J.A. has come up with this one, so thanks again to Spain for the tipp!

Antilles is the name of the band, and loveable 80s synth-pop with a perfectly fitting girl voice is what we get. The words and music are written by one David Witkowski, and the wonderful voice belongs to Anne Christine. Their influence list on their myspace is a who-is-who of those good, old 80s-synthiepop-heroes: Ultravox, Mylene Farmer, A-Ha, Erasure, Jean-Michel Jarré, Vangelis, Pet Shop Boys, and last but not least Alphaville. I mention them last because once you’ve listened to Antilles‘ song A Different Place, you will immediately notice some similarities to Alphaville‘s BIGgest hit! 🙂

I urge you to listen to the Antilles even if the mentioning of “80s-synthie-pop” usually makes you run away as far as you can. You might find the songs extremely charming and uplifting and deeper than they might seem at first. I fell in love with this perfect pop at the first minute, and who knows… the same might happen to you! The 80s have never sounded that good!

Antilles – You And Me (MP3)
Antilles – Something New (MP3)
Antilles – A Different Place (MP3)
Antilles – Casper’s Lullaby (MP3)
Antilles – And Then Another Day (MP3)

Riot? What Riot?

No more riots today… we’re taking it slow! Let’s get up north to Sweden and visit the Slowmotion Club!

Like Morten before, I have been contacted by the band and was offered some of their songs. I was – thanks to Morten – already familiar with The Gun In God’s Hand, and as I really like this one, I was of course more than eager to hear what else the band has on the plate. And I wasn’t disappointed with what I got; but first some words about the band:

The head behind Slowmotion Club is Anders Larsson, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. The official homepage further lists Hanna Hansson and Elin Werner as band members, but their MySpace – which seems a bit more updated – says that Marcus Stenfors and Paul Saarnak are in the band. What excactly is true now, I can’t say, but actually, it doesn’t really matter… it’s the music that counts!

The Slowmotion Club dishes out soothing oeuvres in the tradition of singer/songwriters like Jens Lekman, Damien Rice or Rufus Wainwright, but the songs spread a more positive vibe. Two EPs have been released so far, the latest one, Tiny Dots, just a couple of weeks ago. This one is available via the band’s MySpace (just contact Anders there). The four songs of The Waltzes EP are available on the bands’ official homepage. Below, you’ll find one of the new songs, and you can get another one, The Gun In God’s Hand, from Morten. The other two songs are from The Waltzes EP, but make sure you go and get the other two as well… this music is really worth an earful!

Slowmotion Club – Parliament Square (MP3) (from Tiny Dots EP)
Slowmotion Club – Mika Song (MP3) (from The Waltzes EP)
Slowmotion Club – Lara Croft (MP3) (from The Waltzes EP)

btw.: if you really like what you hear, you can find 12 more tracks on the official page from a band called Rudyard Rest Corner, which was/is probably another band project from Anders. Here are some tasters:

Rudyard Rest Corner – Vacuum (MP3)
Rudyard Rest Corner – When The Tunnel Comes (MP3)

Ah, The Work!

You might have already guessed it that I’m once again pretty busy at work. Not that I will take the same drastic measures like Morten announced today on his blog, but still… my bosses just don’t seem to realize how time-consuming blogging is. 🙂

Enough of the complaints, here’s a quick one for you:

The lovely guys from Danish band Us With Millions have made their two new songs Rosebud and Do You Blush? available as free downloads from their MySpace. They have been available exclusively via Morten‘s blog until now, so I would like to take the opportunity and recommend the band to you in case you’ve missed it there. And believe me: you wouldn’t want to miss two great songs like these!

For easier access, you’ll find both songs down below to download, but make sure you check Us With Millions‘ MySpace for another download, and say hi to the guys!

Us With Millions – Rosebud (MP3)
Us With Millions – Do You Blush? (MP3)

The links to the songs have been added. As still seems to be upgrading their system, you might have to try a few times for the downloads!

Norwegian Prog

It’s been a while since I’ve written about a prog-rock-band, so here we go again:

Drom contacted me on myspace, and it surely sounded interesting enough to make me look deeper into the band. Well, actually… there’s not too much to say about them yet. The four Norwegian guys only founded Drom in January 2007, rising out of the ashes of “extremly unknown band” In Media Res. 8 months was enough for them to release a Demo-EP, and what you can hear on that is damn fine stuff!

The influences of the band are mostly neo-prog bands like Porcupine Tree, Opeth or Dream Theater, but you’ll be able to also find some hints of alternative bands like say Radiohead or Sigur Rós; and on Cup Of Coffee, you will also be transported back to those old-school-prog-days. The four-track-EP really shows a new band with a lot of potential. I’m looking forward to hear more from these guys!

The EP is fully available for free. You can download two of the tracks here, or all four of them on the band’s MySpace. Don’t miss it!

Drom – Cup Of Coffee (MP3)
Drom – Strange Days