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This ‘N That…

Today is official Muse day. I’m really curious to hear The Resistance; I’m a big fan of Queen‘s masterpiece A Night At The Opera, and from what I’ve heard, there must be quite a few references to that album. I’ll get my copy of The Resistance this noon, and will be spending the afternoon with it (if work will let me do so…).

Kalle from Unisex Mailorder is blogging! Check his site for great indie tipps. It’s in German, but I suppose everyone can spot the band-names and links. 😉 The blog will also be added in the blogroll with the next – long-overdue! – update!

Another tipp from Ryan Benjamin: a pretty new song from The Good Graces called… well, Pretty New Song. It’s taken from the Bring On The Tambourines EP which you can get at Eskimo Kiss Records. Nice stuff indeed!

The Good Graces – Pretty New Song (MP3)
The Good Graces – I Miss The 90s (MP3)

More later… or not! My Firefox had a serious problem, so I had to de- and reinstall everything. Thankfully, all the bookmarks are still here, but the extensions are gone. Will keep me busy for while… 😦

Wow, I just have to post this: due to the FF-crash, I have temporarily switched from listening to music via my PC to the radio, and guess what: I’ve just found a station that plays Mew!!! It was Beach from the new album, and it was actually the first time I ever heard Mew here on the radio. Does this mean that I need to listen to more radio again???