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Updates, Break-Ups And The Sad Truth About CD-Shops…

Music Of The Moment Hot Tracks has finally been updated. This time, you can find these tracks amongst many others:

It’s breakup-time once again; this time it’s British indie-rock-band Mohair that has called it a day. I’ve only recently discovered the band, but their song End Of The Line was one of my favourite tunes this year so far, and so it’s a bit sad that there won’t be any more music from Mohair. Read the full statement here.

Mohair – End Of The Line (MP3)

Talking about the end of the line: Blog-buddy Morten is currently in London, and I really envy him for that. But it really saddens me what we have found out about the record shops there… read his posting here for the sad truth! 😦

Nelly Furtado – All Good Things Come To An End (MP3)
David & The Citizens – The End (MP3)
Incubus – Sick Sad Little World (MP3)
Black Heart Procession – A Truth Quietly Told (MP3)


Just a quick tipp to brighten up your Sunday: A Plague Of Angels has brought me to Mohair (the band, not the wool!), and it took only one spin of that brilliant song End Of The Line to make me order their debut album! I can hear The Coral, I can hear some Beach Boys, and even some jazz, all wrapped up in a nice indie-rock-feel. And that is only one song! Well, listen for yourself:

Mohair – End Of The Line (MP3)

Brilliant, isn’t it? So here’s another one for your listening pleasure, and Molotov gives you one more. Don’t miss it!

Mohair – Stranded (MP3)