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More Free Stuff

Friendly Fire Recordings
offers the first new song from Canadians Faunts, taken from the forthcoming album (to be released on February 17th).

Faunts – Feel.Love.Thinking.Of (MP3)

Here’s a new single from Sweden’s lovely Friday Bridge:

Friday Bridge – Shanghai Shipping (MP3)

Check the homepage for a few remixes of the song. The new album will be released on March 11th next year.

And Sweden is where the Labrador resides, and he throws us a bone in the form of M.A.G.I.C. (which is the new single by The Sound Of Arrows). Fetch!

The Sound Of Arrows – M.A.G.I.C. (MP3)

Happy Birthday Röyksopp! 10 years already? Wow… you’ve grown! So here’s your birthday gift from… you to you! 🙂

Röyskopp – Happy Birthday (MP3)

Over The Atlantic is a New Zealand two-piece offering fine indie-pop/rock, and their label A Low Hum makes us a Christmas gift with two free songs. Thank you!

Over The Atlantic – Loveless Devotion (MP3)
Over The Atlantic – Celia (MP3)

Last but not least, here’s a new one by The Bridal Shop. The Swedes will release their new EP In Fragments next year with Peruvian label Plastilina Records. The Ideal State is the taster, and you get it right here:

The Bridal Shop – The Ideal State (MP3)

Thanks to J.A. for many of these tipps! 🙂

This ‘N That

I’ve started working on my Best-Of-2008-list. All in all I think it was quite a good year with a few really great releases, some surprises and – as always – some major disappointments. I hope to start with posting the list before Christmas… stay tuned!

Blogger has again taken down some of my posts; about 90% of them contained links to files that have already been removed from my filehosters, or are no longer available on the net. If I had some more time right now, I’d probably switch to a new host in the blink of an eye, but as it is, I just have to deal with that.
What I’ve decided though is that I won’t continue the Flashback Friday series for the time being because these posts were mainly affected by Blogger’s clean-up. It’s a shame really because I liked writing those, and the mixes I posted were mostly not available anywhere else anyway. Well… no use complaining any longer; Blogger’s in control, and I just have to accept their immature attitude towards us.

But on to better news: Eardrums Music will release another compilation next year. After the fabulous Summer and Autumn compilations, here’s something to really look forward to in 2009! Check the details here.

And some music to close this post. Here’s a great cover version from This Is Ivy League. They laid hands on Magnetic Field‘s song You And Me And The Moon, and as you’d expect, it has turned out as uplifting and catchy as the songs from their debut album (which you will definitely find in my best-of-list!).

This Is Ivy League – You And Me And The Moon (MP3)

This ‘N That

So… MySpace has gone and revamped their music section. I haven’t looked closely into it, but one thing I noticed that the free downloads have gone missing. According to a blog from MySpace-Tom, they should pop up again… let’s hope so! But the worst thing about the new player is that it relies on JavaScript, which means that I don’t have access to any of those players anymore from the office! This really isn’t helpful, and it won’t help my already lazy attitude towards friend requests and messages. Not everything new is good… 😦

Interesting read on the new MySpace here!

At least Last.FM works more or less ok; still can’t change anything that is based on JavaScript, but at least I can check my free MP3 recommendations. Here’s once again a small selection that you might like, too:

Mushi – Dusk
Kurtz – Extreme Biggish Arms
A Kid Hereafter – Never Too Late
My Violane Morning – Ceuranoivle
The Floor Is Made Of Lava – Told Her I’m From Compton

It’s time for more good crop. Head over to Eardrums Music for Volumes 3 and 4 of Knut’s harvest compilation. Once again, you get 40 free songs from fabulous indie artists. Fool if you miss it! Here’s the link to Volumes 1 and 2 again.

Bring In The Crop!

Don’t forget to visit Knut at Eardrums Music and download his new compilation. A Good Crop consists of no less than 41 (!) songs from your favourite indie artists… and that is only part 1!!! Part 2 will follow next week… Knut has only gone and easily excelled his first compilation project (still available here (Vol.1) and here (Vol. 2)! Oh, and did I mention that all the compilations are completely free? No more excuses then to miss this… and don’t forget to leave a comment and thank Eardrums for a golden harvest!

A Good Crop Autumn Compilation Download

Ordinary Friday

Once again, time was scarce this week, so instead of a Flashback Friday, here are just some random thoughts of this week:


Looking forward to a huuuuge new compilation from Eardrums Music. Knut will soon present 4 (!) CDs worth of wonderful Scandinavian sounds for absolutely free! Check his blog entry for more details. Bring ’em on, Knut! 🙂

OMFG… that new James Bond song is really really terrible! It’s even worse than the latest White Stripes record. Listen to the complete song here if you dare!

Terrible, isn’t it? Well, to get you back on the right track, head over to RetroWonderland for one of the best songs of the early 90ies!

If you haven’t heard it already: German Mew-A-Likes Polarkreis 18 are releasing their second album The Colour Of Snow on October 17th, and they are offering a new song for free. Visit this site, leave your e-mail, and download Prisoner (you can easily unsubscribe from the newsletter again if you like…). This one really hints at an epic album. And just in case you’ve missed it before: the fabulous Nephew Remix of Allein Allein is still available at Data Sapiens… don’t miss it!!!

I’m From Barcelona will be playing at a venue near me in two weeks… I’m still thinking about going or not. To be honest, I only know their first hit We’re From Barcelona and the new one Music Killed Me (available for free here), and both are not really songs I desperately love. So help me out here: is the band worth visiting? Any song recommendations that will convince me?

One concert I’ll definitely attend is the Figurines together with I Am Kloot. I can imagine that this will be a pretty special evening, as both bands are pretty special in my opinion. Well, you’ll read about it here after November 1st!

Figurines – The Wonder (MP3)
Figurines – Rivalry (MP3)
Figurines – Bright (MP3)

More concerts lined up for me:

23.10.08 Anathema (Angels Walk Among Us, MP3)
24.10.08 Nada Surf (Do It Again, MP3)
25.10.08 Live/Wire
31.10.08 Musical Box
01.11.08 Figurines/I Am Kloot

as always, hardly any good concerts during the year, but then everything together in two weeks!

Have you discovered Northern Lights yet?

This ‘N That

Generous Swedish label Wonderland Records is giving away the new single Lifeache from Emo-Rockers Markovic for free. Here’s a remix of the song, and a different approach on Crayons. Get the radio edit of Lifeache and a remix of Sweet Surrender on Wonderland’s Lifeache page.

Markovic – Lifeache (Paul Lachenardiere Remix) (MP3)
Markovic – Crayons (Christina Roos Remake) (MP3)

Sign of life from Champagne Riot: the long-awaited first EP Paris And I has finally been sent into the press by label Shelflife, so chances are good that it will be released soon. Can’t wait for it! Read more about what Champagne Riot has been up to lately, and how to win a free EP, on his latest blog entry. And of course, start discovering the great songs if you haven’t already!!!

Champagne Riot – Scandinavian Warfare (MP3)

Reindeer is a new band from Copenhagen. The four guys were formerly known as Apartment, and had already released EPs under that name. Now with Reindeer, some great new songs have been written and produced already, but there are no signs yet that an EP will see the light of day in the near future. But in the meantime, you can visit the band’s MySpace and get the new songs for free… in any case, don’t miss the catchy Bringing Back The Plague.

Reindeer – Bringing Back The Plague (MP3)
Reindeer – Straight From Our Factory (MP3)

Congratulations to Elbow! A much deserved win!

This ‘N That

Glasvegan indie-rockers AirSpiel have released another new song, and again, it is available for free download. It’s a great and up-tempo one again, and it makes me look forward to the second album of the lads; a release date is not yet confirmed, but it should arrive later this year. You’ll read it here when it sees the light of day. For now, go and get the new song here:

AirSpiel – Broken Record Day

Swedish label Wonderland Records has released a “Late Summer Compilation” consisting of 18 songs from their artist roster. You can find all the songs as free downloads by clicking here, and I guess everyone should find something that suits their taste. From Electronica to Singer/Songwriter to Emo- and Indierock… it’s all there! Here are a few of my favourites:

Thermostatic – The Box (MP3)
Markovic – Crayons (MP3)
Quarterhorse – Alina (MP3)
Jesper – Talk Of The Weather (MP3)
Universal Poplab – Summer Struck (MP3)

New sign of life from Swedish pop-act Parker Lewis. It somehow feels unfinished though, but what you hear is a fine taster for future releases. There’s apparently something strange going on between the band and the label mad for it (read about it on the website), but as long as there’s new stuff coming, I don’t really mind.

Parker Lewis – Trouble (MP3)
Parker Lewis – Carousel (MP3, old one)