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From Finland To Leningrad To Australia To Canada…

…and all in a day! With that much travelling, it could well be that you see strange things… like a giant pink crab singing German 70s-hit Dschingis Khan in Finnish! Well, actually that is just what I saw last night. Don’t fear, I haven’t gone completely bonkers… I’ve just been to a concert by that world-famous Finnish party-band Leningrad Cowboys! Although the concert was a bit on the short side, we had a great time, and it still is amazing how these guys easily switch from AC/DC to Tom Jones to Kim Wilde to Las Ketchup, and manage to make each of these songs their own. The venue and the sound-mixing were far from perfect, but with so much going on on the stage, no one really cared. All you get is a big party with lots of well-known classics, and that is more than enough for a Sunday evening!

OK, on to Australia now: The Sunpilots are offering a new, 6-track EP called Animals In My Mind for free. I’d love to link to my older post of the band, but it still hangs somewhere in backup-limbo. Well… just check them out, they’re worth it. And the title-track is especially catchy!

The Sunpilots – Animals In My Mind EP (ZIP-File)

Last but not least we’re visiting Canada, where those generous lads from Pilot Speed offer a B-Side from their latest album Wooden Bones. Cold Outside is available for a short time only, so get it while it’s hot!

Pilot Speed – Cold Outside (MP3)