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Sorry, Mumford And Sons…

…but it looks like you’re doomed! They came in number 3 in my album-charts last year, and if their fate is the same as the other acts in the top 3, we will soon learn that the band will split. Number 2, Dutch band Johan, just called it quits after I’ve crowned them with MOTM-glory (though I’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with me!), and now Number 1, the Leeds lads from Vib Gyor, also threw in the towel. I’m really thinking about skipping the charts this year, as I don’t want to send more great bands into nirvana. Then again… I could do a list with bands that I really don’t want to see and hear anymore. Worth a try? 🙂

Well, as far as I know, Mumford And Sons are currently still touring together, and the success of their debut should give them enough power for a follow-up. As for Johan, there’s no information about the band-member’s whereabouts to be found, but at least two members of Vib Gyor have already been working on new material and will continue their passion under the name of Fossil Collective. A first EP has already been released on iTunes, and On & On really does sound promising. Definitely a new band to watch!

Vib Gyor – Momentum (MP3)

Off for the holiday now, will return by the end of September.

MOTM’s Best Albums Of 2009… 2nd Place

Johan – 4

I still can’t figure out why hardly anyone knows this Dutch band. Four albums worth of perfect and catchy indie-pop-tunes, and no one cares? It is a sad world we’re living in, and it just got even sadder: I’ve just learned that Johan has called it quits and won’t be releasing any more albums. It really is a shame that such talented artists remain unnoticed while any jerk willing enough to prostitute him/herself can rule the music-world… thanks for nothing, casting-shows! At least, Johan left us a great legacy, and if you’re interested in adding some really timeless music to your collection, I recommend you visit Johan‘s official homepage where you can order their last three albums including a DVD as a wonderful limited edition.

4 contains some of Johan’s best songs, and Something About You must be my favourite song of 2009. Pop-perfection!!! Here’s another wonderful tune from the album:

Farewell, Johan, and THX for some beautiful moments in music!

MOTM’s Best Album Of 2009 will be announced tomorrow, so please check back!

More Various Stuff

Here’s an excellent, summery song from Danish Singer/Songwriter Dennis Mejdal:

Dennis Mejdal – Broken Satellite (MP3)

Listened to Dredg‘s new album The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion for the first time yesterday, and was completely blown away. This will definitely be on a lots of 2009-best-of-list!

Dutch band Johan, whom I’ve mentioned briefly back in 2006, and who also took the top spot for MOTM Best Pop album in the same year, has just released a new album simply called 4 (guess why it’s called that…). Once again, it turned out to be a collection of well-crafted, catchy pop-songs, and I still wonder why no-one seems to know them… but then, we are living in a cruel music-world! Here’s a track from brilliant 2006-album THX Johan:

Johan – She’s Got A Way With Men (MP3)