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Get Well Now!

Thanks to Mr. Schallgrenzen, I’ve found out that Get Well Soon (one of the best recent German acts!) has released a first single from the next album Vexations (read about it here). Cityslang is offering 5 Steps 7 Swords now, and it is what you expected: more of that innovative, interesting and wonderful sound that GWS presented us on their debut album. I predict that 2010 will start with a bang for us indie-music-lovers (Vexations is released on January 8th), and I’m definitely looking forward to this!

Get Well Soon – 5 Steps 7 Swords (MP3)

Don’t forget to listen to Radio-Schweden tonight! My first batch of the Best Songs Of 2009 will be on at 21pm CET, followed by two more hours with the selection of my two German co-DJs. The transmission will be repeated tomorrow at the same time, but with a different running order (my hour is starting at 22pm… look for the MiniMix: Best Of 2009 Vol. 1). Hope you can make it!


This ‘N That

I was thinking about the unavoidable year-end-lists today (I’ll give you the reason for that further down below), and I remembered that I wanted to check out what two of my former best-album-winners are up to right now. Well, whilst Youth Group have announced that they will take a year off in 2010 and return in 2011, The Shins have no real news whatsoever on a new album. Sad news from both parties, I think… at least, the Shout Out Louds and Get Well Soon, two other favourites from the past years, will come up soon with new stuff. So it looks like I’m stuck with Youth Group‘s The Night Is Ours and The ShinsWincing The Night Away for another while, but that really isn’t such a bad thing as I still enjoy both albums!

Youth Group – Sorry (MP3)

The Shins – Phantom Limb (MP3)

Morten briefly mentioned Matinée Recordings in his post today, and while I’m also looking forward to some of those releases (especially Northern Portrait), I also found these two beauties on the label’s homepage. Perfectly innocent autumn-pop for this gray day!

Math And Physics Club – Darling Please Come Home (MP3)

The Windmills – Drug Autumn (MP3)

Oh yes, the reason for me thinking about year-end-lists: as you might or might not know, I’m an occasional DJ at virtual radio station Radio Schweden. The station is a community project of people from Sweden, Germany and little Switzerland. And on the following weekends, we will have a special show called – you guessed it – the Best Of 2009. Each of us was appointed two hours to fill with the songs we liked best this year, and we will broadcast these series in two parts. So this coming Friday, November 27th, at 8pm CET, one of my German friends will start with the first hour, and from 9pm, it will be my turn. Look for the MiniMix: Best Of 2009 Vol. 1! On Saturday, November 28th at the same time, my two other co-DJ’s will present their hits. In a weeks time, we will scramble these series (so I’ll probably be on with the same show on Saturday), and the week after that, we will present Volumes 2. You don’t have to keep all these dates in mind (just the first ones this weekend! 🙂 ), as I’m going to announce the schedule again here in due time. So, mark your calenders and tune in to Radio Schweden!!! (Of course, the playlist will be published here as well… somewhen in December).

News Folder Day

Today is News Folder Day which means I’ll be listening to all that stuff that has piled up and been labeled “News” over the last few weeks. As so often, I sometimes don’t even remember who recommended that stuff, or even where I got the songs from. So I just go along, tell you what I hear, and if something’s worth a closer look, I’ll see what information I can get. Let’s go:

Lastbandalive – The Mexico Of Europe

I know that this was a recommendation from Morten as I’ve ripped this song from MySpace for him. And it is a damn catchy tune that these 3 Danish lads have composed… hear it once, hear it for the rest of the day! No free downloads unfortunately, but I recommend that you visit their MySpace anyway for a listening session.

ID Guinness – Life As We Know It

Got this new song from the Canadian Alt-Rocker himself; it’s the first teaser from the new album Soul Envy which is available for pre-order via his MySpace (it should be out since August 09…). I’m still waiting for an approval to post the MP3, so in the meantime check his homepage and re-read my first article about ID Guinness here.

Totally unrelated to the News Folder, I have just found out the news about Get Well Soon‘s next album. It is called Vexations and will be released on January 8th next year. Can’t wait!!!

Get Well Soon – If This Hat Is Missing I Have Gone Hunting (MP3)

Pernice Brothers – Chicken Wire

voted by as the saddest song ever. Well, it is kind of sad (especially the lyrics), but definitely not the saddest ever. I’d rather vote for this one:

Here’s a more uplifting one by the Pernice Brothers:

Pernice Brothers – Somerville (MP3)

A last one I have time for: Autokratz is a Manchester producer-duo, and their ElectRock-sound has quite something. Been listening a lot to the rather good Always More (hear it on Last.FM), and Can’t Get Enough is not so bad, either. Probably nothing to stick around for too long, but fun while it lasts!

Autokratz – Can’t Get Enough (MP3)

Best Album Of 2008

As promised, the final fight. I have once again two albums that made a big impression this year. Let’s take a look at the contestants:

In the blue corner, we have the Australians Youth Group with their latest baby, The Night Is Ours. And in the red corner, Scots Glasvegas are getting ready with their stunning, self-titled debut. Let the games begin!

Good TimeFlowers And Football Tops
Although Good Time is merely an intro, this point goes to the Youth Group just for the fact that singer Toby Martin perfectly defines the things to come with his vocals.
1 : 0

One For AnotherGeraldine
There’s no way around social-worker Geraldine; one of the best songs this year.
1 : 1

Two SidesIt’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry
Another point for Glasvegas… the song just bursts with energy!
1 : 2

Dying At Your Own PartyLonesome Swan
My favourite song from The Night Is Ours, so clearly this point goes to Australia.
2 : 2

All This Will PassGo Square Go
Hard one… Go Square Go is another perfect piece of music, but All This Will Pass has one of the most memorable lines. One for Australia.
3 : 2

FriedrichstrassePolmont On My Mind
Hmmm… I have to give this one to Youth Group, too. It has a great build-up and perfect lyrics.
4 : 2

A SignDaddy’s Gone
Musically, I’d have to choose A Sign, but Daddy’s Gone is one of the top-songs on the Glasvegas album.
4 : 3

Babies In Your DreamsStabbed
I think Babies… is a great song, but has just a tiny bit too much Kitsch in it. Stabbed on the other hand is a reduced and gripping gem… Scotland gets the point!
4 : 4

In My DreamsS.A.D. Light
A great chorus against a rather depressing tune; my heart just beats more for In My Dreams.
5 : 4

What Is A Life?Ice Cream Van
Two perfect album closers; Ice Cream Van is nice, but could also have been a Hidden Track, while What Is A Life? brings the whole album to a perfect ending. Australia it is!
6 : 4

So here we are; technically, Youth Group has more points. But I’ll give Glasvegas one more for the release of their great Christmas EP, A Snowflake Fell. Still, there’s one point missing for the top spot, so the winner of Music Of The Moment’s Best Album Of 2008 is

Youth Group – The Night Is Ours

Glasvegas is very very very close behind, and would have been a worthy winner as well. They definitely have a bright future ahead of them!

And like last year, there was one album that slipped in last minute, and could have been another contender for the top spot if it were around a bit longer (better said, if I had discovered it earlier). So here’s the honorable mention of

Get Well Soon – Rest Now Weary Head! You Will Get Well Soon

A great album that needs some time, but rewards you with some of the most beautiful tunes you’ll ever hear. And like Glasvegas, the album is now available with an additional Christmas EP; not to be missed!

That concludes the Best-Of-lists for this year; I sadly won’t be able to list my favourite songs, but if you check my Last.FM-account or re-read the blog, you’ll find out what I loved in 2008. Here’s to a great music-year!

Witches In The Snow

I was just walking home from work; everything was covered in white, and snow kept falling in my face. I was just turning a corner onto an open field when my mp3-player chose this song for me:

It was one of those moments when everything falls into places: fresh air, magical landscapes, and a perfect song at the perfect time… I just love it when that happens!

I have just discovered Get Well Soon recently, but it looks like I need to dive deeper into this music; their latest album Rest Now, Weary Head! You Will Get Well Soon is absolutely gorgeous. In fact, I really think that it could well make my top-list of 2008 as a late entry.

Check the band’s pages below where you can find lots of music to listen to. The first song below is from the album, and the other two songs are previously unreleased ones… you might recognize one of them! 🙂

Get Well Soon – If This Head Is Missing I Have Gone Hunting (MP3)
Get Well Soon – Stockhausen’s Dead (MP3)
Get Well Soon – it Must Have Been Love (MP3)