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This ‘N That

New free song from Finland’s Cats On Fire. Download Letter From A Voyage To Sweden; their new album, Our Temperance Movement, will be released on March 14th.

Cats On Fire – Letter From A Voyage To Sweden (MP3)

My Best Album Of 2008, Youth Group‘s The Night Is Ours, will finally be released in the US on April 7th. Don’t miss! Infos here.

Youth Group – All This Will Pass (MP3)

The Raveonettes have also announced a new album for August/September. The duo has started writing new songs after finishing their tour. Hope they’ll visit Switzerland again on their next leg!

And more album news: Tick Tock, the latest offering from Norway Progressive band Gazpacho, will be out on March 15th. Tick Tock is built around a story by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, and it will only contain 4 tracks… but as you can see from the playing time below, we will get more than enough music!

Tracklisting Tick Tock:

1. Desert Flight (7:39)
2. The Walk (13:41)
3. Tick Tock (22:24)
4. Winter Is Never (4:55)

Gazpacho – Chequered Light Buildings

This ‘n That

Singer/Songwriter Paul Michel has put up an older song to his MySpace just because he likes it, and that is really not a bad decision as The Backup Plan is quite a good song!
The Backup Plan (MP3)

Gazpacho, one of the most underrated bands of Norway, has released a new album called Night, and they offer a wonderful song from that album. Download Chequered Light Buildings here, and dream away with it!
Chequered Light Buildings (MP3)

Morten recommends Sweden’s The Search today, and you really shouldn’t miss this band. Tons of free MP3s are available on their Last.FM-profile!
Infection (Version) (MP3)

Peter wants us to listen to the Winterpills, and maybe if I swallow one of those, it will finally start to snow here… anyway, lend your ears to these beautiful songs, and visit Peter’s blog for more downloads.
Want The Want (MP3)

Thanks to a friend from German music site, I will not only attend the Blackfield concert this Saturday, but I will have the opportunity to meet Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen for an interview before the gig. How excellent is that???