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This ‘N That

It’s bright and shiny outside, but Viola nonetheless sing about Puppies In The Rain (MP3).

A Swedish double: Degrees tell us about Punchdrunk Sweethearts (MP3) in their latest free offering, while Stars In Coma wants us to stay In Your Prison (MP3).

One of my favourite songs at the moment comes from Wild Nothing. Get Golden Haze here.

Over two years ago (see here), I’ve written about Swedish band Garmisch on this blog. Their song Glimmer is still popping up in my playlist regularly, and now, after various EPs, Garmisch have finally released their self-titled debut album. It has been put out under Creative Commons License which means that you can get the whole album for free. Nice one! Check BlocSonic for various formats including booklets and covers.

Garmisch – Glimmer (MP3)

Just This…

Another hectic day almost over, and I’m pretty outworn. But I wanted you to have some music today, and so I give you a Swedish music-collective called Garmisch. Some of you might know the band already under their old name Garmisch Partenkirchen. They have released their first two songs under the new name, and they are really sweet. Glimmer is excactly the stuff I want to hear right now, and maybe you will like it, too! And also check out their older songs as well… wonderful stuff!

Garmisch – Glimmer (MP3)
Garmisch – Courtesy Of Steven Wright (MP3)

From the München EP:

Garmisch – München (MP3)

From the Black Paint EP:

Garmisch – Black Paint (MP3)

get the rest of the songs here!