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A Plague Of Angels
introduces us to Leopold, a fine Swedish pop-band with one foot in the 70ies and the other in today’s premier league of indie-pop. Definitely worth an earful!
Leopold – Johnny (WMA)

More indie-pop from Eardrums, this time from Finland. Rubik is the name of the band, and Eardrums’ comparison to Delaware isn’t that far off. Haiku Motorik is exceptionally good!
Rubik – Haiku Motorik (MP3)

Here’s a video from Labrador‘s 100 party which marked the release of – you guessed it – their 100th release and their 10 years as a label. The 4-CD-Box is now available via the homepage, and everyone into modern indie-pop should own it! Thanks to It’s A Trap for the message.

If you’re into UK’s Ballboy, visit Reloda and get a Peel Session recording.

DreamtimeMix has a new remix for you; this time it’s Depeche Mode‘s Leave In Silence. I think it’s excellent!

Last Second Thoughts has a wonderful acoustic version of Don’t Dream It’s Over, sung by former Crowded House frontman Neil Finn. I’ve heard rumours about a reunion of the remaining members of Crowded House… sounds good to me!

Some more indie-pop comes from the Torture Garden. Shane is high on The Great Unwanted by London’s Lucky Soul. Great song indeed! Here’s another one:
Lucky Soul – One Kiss Don’t Make A Summer (Acoustic) (ZIP)

Merz from Mars Needs Guitars gives us a new Shoegaze-act from Brooklyn. Read and hear about Elika with her angelic voice!
Elika – In An Hour (MP3)

And whilst you’re on Mars anyway, check out Merz’ post about Idlewild with a new song and some great classics from the Scots!

A new band from Denmark is presented by Pastries, Pepper And Canals… Evil Death Machine is the name, and they sound really good! Lots of MP3s on MySpace and Last.FM!
Evil Death Machine – Things I Stole (MP3)