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Just listen…

I don’t have much to say today, so I won’t. Instead enjoy some good and free music!

Cut City Anticipation

Cut City – Statues

The Lodger Kicking Sand

Moto Boy Blue Motor Bike (thanks J.A.!)

Club 8 Whatever You Want (via Pitchfork)

SavoyMan In The Park (thanks J.A.… again!)

Savoy – The Breakers

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More This ‘N That…

Sad news from Belarus (the band, not the country!): they have decided to call it quits. A debut album was almost finished, but will now probably never see the light of day. What a shame! Just to freshen up your memory: Belarus was a Brit-Rock-band with a promising future, and their catchy-as-hell hymn Standing In The Right Place ended up as my fifth-favourite single of 2006. I just hope these talented guys will soon again take on new projects!
Belarus – Standing In The Right Place (MP3)
Belarus – Taking The Mad Out Of Madness (MP3)

Today’s award for Blondie-sound-alike goes to Blonde Readhead for their new song 23. Even if the similarities are obvious, it remains a pretty cool song!
Blonde Readhead – 23 (MP3)

I didn’t really care about Jarvis Cocker‘s solo album after I’ve heard some of the songs. Just wanted to let you know that you can have one of the better ones for free now. Get it here:
Jarvis Cocker – Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time (MP3)

Apparently, the bandwith for the Human League downloads from last week’s Flashback Friday has already been exceeded. I will re-up the songs tonight to another host, so check back later if you still need them.
Transferred the files to a new host! Download should work again!

And: I’m already waaaaay past the 100’000-visitor-mark! Really cool! Thanks to all of you who have been visiting!
The Lodger – Many Thanks (MP3)

You might already have read about that ominous new Interpol-single, Like Ashes. Well, fact is that it’s not Interpol‘s song, but one from Swedish band Cut City (you could easily mistake that song for an Interpol one though!). But there is news from Interpol: a live performance of two new songs called the Heinrich Manoeuvre and Pioneer has popped up on YouTube. The quality is not too good, but it gives you an impression of what we can expect next from the band. There’s a date on the official Interpol Site, 7.10.2007; looks like we have to be patient for a few months more…
Cut City – Like Ashes, Like Millions (MP3)

Interpol – Heinrich Manoeuvre (video on YouTube)
Interpol – Pioneer (video on YouTube)

I don’t really like promoting bands that don’t offer at least one free download, but now and then, I’ll make an exception. Dutch band A Balladeer‘s songs are really worth listening to, and their album Panama is another strong contender for the year-end-list (although it was released last year…). I recommend you visit their sites and listen to the songs… indie-pop at its best!!! Swim With Sam and Summer are especially good! is another site that lists free MP3s from the Net. They already have a huuuuge archive of artists, and even if you can’t read German, you should find your way through the site. Happy downloading! 🙂