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This ‘N That

Disappointed by the latest Killers album? Then visit Dreamtime Mix to get a new remix of 2004 smash-hit Mr. Brightside. Excellent work, as always!

Like every year in January, I realize that I have missed at least one great album of the past year. At least it looks like I’m not alone with that 🙂 . Morten also has discovered a great one from 2008, and Lost In Your Inbox lists several missed gems. And me? I’ve just realized that Amy MacDonald‘s debut album is quite brilliant! Looks like I’ve got to risk an eye to the more mainstream-orientated charts from time to time…

I’ve mentioned Gothenburg-band Swedish For Beginners back in December briefly, but their first single Magical Machines has slowly crept into my heart and doesn’t want to leave anymore. So some more credit is in order, and their label Wonderland Records has released another fine song for our listening pleasure. Highly recommended!!!

Swedish For Beginners – Magical Machines (MP3)
Swedish For Beginners – Special Offer (MP3)

Swedish For Beginners – Happy Factory (MP3)
Swedish For Beginners- This City Is Not For Me (MP3)

Talking about Swedish: I’m now part of Radio Schweden, a new Laut.FM-radio-station. The station is the project of various Laut-Forum-users from Sweden, Germany, Austria and of course Switzerland. The basic playlist gives you a fun mix of 80s, Scandinavian Pop, Rock-, Funk- and Jazz-Classics… simply everything that sounds like fun! You can also leave your wishes in the comments, and we’ll try to fulfill them.
We also have special shows running; there’s my Denmark Special on Tuesday at 10pm and Friday at 8pm, and the Lazy Scandinavian Sunday, starting -yep- on Sunday at 2pm. And if you’re in the mood for a trip back to those good, old 80s-Disco-days, catch my Italo-Disco-Mix on Saturday at 10pm… don’t forget your neon clothes!
We will add more shows on the go, and I’ll keep you updated on this. There’s also a blog for the radio station; it has just started and is in German only, but we will add more features like playlists and schedules in the future. Check back often!
And now, start listening to Radio Schweden!