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Another Lifesign…

…from one of the “Whatever Happened To…?”-bands. Norwegians 120 Days have just released a new song from their forthcoming album. Dale Disco is an almost 10 minute long instrumental track that – at least for me – never gets boring, but rather builds up the longer it runs. I wonder if it’s a finished version, or if there will be vocals in the end. Come what may, I now really start to look forward to the new album, probably out in the wild somewhen in April/May.


This ‘N That

It’s already November, which means time for another Viola freebie. This month, they have come up with a beautiful, shoegazey song that really could serve as a soundtrack in one or the other way. Check it out here:

Viola – Astromelancholia (MP3)

Anybody remembers my “Whatever Happened To“-post? As it turns out, one of the bands in the article has just released a sign of life. Norwegians 120 Days are readying their second album for an early 2001 release. Now I’d like to think that they’ve posted the message on myspace (see below) following my post, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. 🙂 Anyway, it’s good news! Here’s the message:

It has been some time, but very soon we will have some definite news on the release of our new album and shows to support it. We are in the studio now completing the final touches to the album and it will most certainly be released (alongside various other bits & pieces) in early 2011. We are present on myspace, but for now, more up to date news will be posted on our facebook page, so if you are on facebook (or not), head over there and add us. This is where most of the daily chatter will come from.



Visit the German site for Danish ElectRock-outfit Ginger Ninja and download the best song from their debut album Wicked Map for free. But hurry, Bone Will Break Metal will only be available until November 23rd!!!

Whatever Happened To…?

Maybe this will turn into a new series on MOTM…? I’ve just picked some random artists I’ve featured on the blog before and that I haven’t heard anything from in a while. And now let’s see what they have been up to… if they have been doing anything at all!


Heresy And The Hotel Choir has been released in 2007, and although the band has posted the odd update on their homepage, no new music has seen the light so far. On June 25th last year, they wrote about working on new songs… now I’m all in for taking your time to make a great record, but come on! Bring it!

Maritime – Guns Of Navarone (MP3)

Maritime – For Science Fiction (MP3)


OK, their smashing debut hasn’t been released that far back (end of 2008), but I’m really looking forward to hear more from those lads. And most of all, they have to prove that this wasn’t just a lucky shot. Haven’t found any information on current work, so we’re probably in it for a longer wait…

Glasvegas – Geraldine (MP3 via RCRDLBL)

120 Days

23.05.2010 … stay tuned! That’s all the news there is on Norwegian’s ElectRocker 120 Days‘ homepage. 2006 saw the release of their great debut album, and since then, me and probably a good crowd of fans are eagerly awaiting new stuff. So yes, we will stay tuned, but even our patience is limited!

120 Days – Come Out, Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone (MP3)

Of course you are invited to share your insights on any of these bands if you have more information. I didn’t search the net for hours, and I don’t do Facebook, so maybe someone out there knows a bit more than I do. Just leave your comments.

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