Ring The Bells

I know it has been rather quiet around here lately (and to be honest, at this stage I don’t really know if it’s ever getting better…), but I just have to share this one with you. Here’s a first and quite brilliant song from School Of Seven Bells, taken from the forthcoming album Ghostory. It will be out February 28th, 2012, and if this is an indicator for what we can expect, you better mark that date in your calendars. Now go and listen – and download – The Night!


3 responses to “Ring The Bells

  1. Oh, it sounds sad, Chris, because I owe very much to your blog and still I’m visiting it often hoping that something will pop up but I have good news for you – I keep the flame of good music burning with my own blog! It’s all in Polish but it was already visited by the guests from 14 countries! I’d never believe that people are so starved of information on e.g. Falco.

    The address is http://blog-goes-pop.blogspot.com/ I also post many quickies on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/PopGoesTheBlog If you have a minute to check it out (I haven’t Swiss guest so far ;), you will find that some of my topics are quite similar to yours, e.g. I’m planning to write about White Lies in few days (VASTLY popular band among the Polish youth). I already wrote an extensive piece on Mew (even people in Denmark took notice ;), I must also enlighten Poles on Viola and Degrees and it’s just the tip of the iceberg, as you know.

    StilI I wish you great Christmas and holiday and I hope that you will update this blog sometimes after all…

    • Hey Kordian

      nice to hear that you’re still visiting here… and don’t think the end of the blog is written in stone yet. As you can see, I already posted another article today. So maybe there’s hope after all! 😉

      I will definitely check out your blog, and will put it in my link-list as well. I don’t understand a word, but then, the music speaks for itself, does it?

      Thanks for your comment, and a very happy holiday season to you, too!

  2. Yes, it’s a very good news. I think that the world needs your blog (at least little summary of the year, it would be a chance for you to keeo up) ! And it’s a privilege to become the first blog in Polish you link to (it goes without saying that I returned the favor – your blog will go up in this section if more new content will appear). I guess these are some crazy people who like to translate wacky blogs in foreign languages 🙂 I posted the promised piece on White Lies and there’s still much more goodness to write about….

    BTW, I like the song this post is about. It reminds of The Script’s “For the First Time” in parts, for me this is a complement 🙂

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