I have left some hectic weeks behind me (had to arrange a wedding for a friend), and now I can finally think about something else again. Mails have been piling up in the mailbox, so the first thing to do is to find my way through this jungle and pick the best berries. One I can offer you today without intensive research needed is a new track by Fossil Collective, formerly known as Vib Gyor. To download Without A Fight for free, just follow the link below:

Fossil Collective – Without A Fight (Dark Dark Horse Remix)

and here’s the video to the song:

Another song that has been whirling around my head for the last weeks is this one:

Never heard of them before, but this one really got my attention. Unfortunately, the rest of the album is nowhere near Young Blood. Anyway, plenty of other good music around, and you’ll read about some of it here soon… I hope!


2 responses to “Finally…

  1. Oh, Chris, you’re too harsh, I adore “Girls Like You”. Those Kiwi made some waves in time of the announciation of the BBC Sound 2011 poll, but now it sadly looks like no one cares. I don’t think that many people in Poland know them but me and my best friend blogger are the followers.

  2. Hehe, I had “Young blood” already on my radar last August 🙂

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