More Degrees…

I’ve mentioned the Degrees and their forthcoming output just recently (re-read here), and now there’s a video for yet another new song which in my opinion is their strongest piece so far… in fact I think it’s the best song they’ve ever released! Idiot Dreaming is an 8-minute-monster that just oozes of guitars and fast-forward synth-walls, and it keeps a powerful pace until the bitter end… simply fantastic! Enough of the talk now, hear for yourselves:


3 responses to “More Degrees…

  1. This is what indie pop is all about. Love their album dream on dreamy! SO good.
    I feel like i’m in a completely different dimension.. lost in the music of electric guitars with the early 80’s feel. Love your blog!!

  2. Could be, that I already mentioned this band here, but search didn’t show anything. Better don’t miss it.
    Some review and songs here:

    Really really beautiful dreamy music.
    btw I would like some more posts here, don’t get lazy 😉

  3. thanks for your comments… Mr K, will look into Sidewaytown asap.

    I’ve been very busy organizing a wedding (no, not my own… I probably wouldn’t have had so much to do if it was!) which will take place this Saturday. I hope life will return to normal after that, and I do plan to pick up more frequent blogging again. Keep your fingers crossed! 😉

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