A Month Of Free Danish Delights…

Here’s a treat from Denmark for you, and it lasts the whole month of May: Moi Caprice-frontman Michael Moller‘s new solo-project is called A Month Of Unrequited Love, and the title really stands for what it is. Each day, a new song will be released, and so far, the output is stunningly beautiful. If you’re familiar with Moller‘s first solo-album Every Streetcar’s Got A Name, you know what to expect, and if you’ve never heard of this talented singer/songwriter before, it’s about time to change that!

Each song is downloadable for free on the release day (if you have any download add-ins in your browser, you might also be able to download the past songs). A much better way to get all of the songs and more is to send a donation towards Mr Moller; there are various options to purchase his music. Check this special website here for more information, and you will also find the downloads there.

Thanks to Stytzer for the heads-up on this, and also for uploading some of the songs to Soundcloud! And here’s todays MM-song:

Michael Moller – These Days Are Cruel And Long (MP3)


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