White Lies’ Ritual

Been listening to White Lies‘ second outing Ritual for the last couple of days, and it’s safe to say that we have the first great album of 2011 here! I do miss an instant hit like Death was, but in my opinion, Ritual works better as an overall experience. You get the raging guitars, the pumping indie-disco-beats and just enough synthies to glimpse back into the 80s without losing touch with the present. Is Love, Strangers, The Peace & The Glory and of course first single Bigger Than Us are my favourites so far, but I guess more will be added to this list soon enough!

I can’t wait until my Limited Edition arrives in the mailbox; the set just looks stunning on the pics and will definitely be a fine addition to my collection!


3 responses to “White Lies’ Ritual

  1. I agree with Love Is, I like the lyrics. Sometimes I feel there lyrics can be a bit obvious, I got up and went to the window, looked out and saw some rain, that kind of thing but this track they’re a bit more thought out and written with feeling. Overall so far I’m not getting excited, maybe it will grow on me?

    BTW Dominoes? Did you mean Death or are you comparing them to the Big Pink?

  2. I meant “their” lyrics before the grammar police get me.

  3. oh my, I really did mix them up with The Big Pink! Shame on me!!! Thanks for the hint, will correct it immediately!

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