Good News From Labrador!

Labrador, that fine Swedish label that brought us gems like The Radio Dept., Club 8, The Mary Onettes and many more, has signed a new band. Well, technically, it’s kind of an old band with a new project. Brothers Philip and Hendrik Eckström, two parts of said Mary Onettes, have just released a great song under the name Det Vackra Livet. You can guess that with this band name and the song being called Viljan, Swedish is the language to go, and you’ve guessed right. But other than that, Viljan follows the tradition of those catchy and gripping tunes that you are used to from The Mary Onettes. Of course, Viljan is available for free, and I sure do hope that this will not be the last we’ve heard from these brothers!

Det Vackra Livet – Viljan (MP3)


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