Lazy One…

When a mail from Eardrums-Pop shows up in the mailbox, I almost always know there’s something good in it. The last one here is no exception, and as the guys best describe what they’re offering, I’m just gonna copy-paste their text. 🙂

This year’s first release comes from Early To Bed.

Early to Bed is a cross-atlantic collaboration between Meagan (Wisdom
Tooth) and Henry (Me and the Horse I Rode In On). Meagan lives in the
USA. Henry lives in Denmark.

Henry and Megan have never met and found each other on the Internet –
they have been collaborating ever since. In Megan’s words: I know how
to write songs but I can’t lay down a solid instrumental track for the
life of me, which is where Henry comes in. He listens to the songs I
send him, feels them out, and then translates them into something more
polished and eloquent; something that articulates better what the
original versions are clumsily trying to communicate.

You can get the full release here including a digital booklet with
cover art by Emma Virke

or stream the songs from Soundcloud

Our second release in 2011 comes from Far Concern. Far Concern is
Jared Davis, who produces collagic pop music from a bedroom in
Melbourne, singing short simple melodies with lyrics about fantasy and

To get this lovely nonsense as a package you can click here

or stream the songs via Soundcloud

So there it is; a whole bunch of wonderful indiepop-tracks to start your day. What are you waiting for? Head over to Eardrums to get your dose!


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