Catching Up

here’s some news about two artists I’ve featured last year on the blog:

First up is Alt aka Digits, who first enchanted me with his fine ElectroPop way back in January 2010 (read here). The Toronto-based artist has now just released a new song called Lost Dream which is available for free. More songs are in the works and expected to be released this year, so keep your eyes open for further posts on this blog!

Digits – Lost Dream (MP3)

Next is Beat Radio; I’ve posted their song Golden Age last March, and now I’ve just learned that a full album with the same name has just been released. You can stream all songs on Bandcamp, and I suggest you do and even consider buying it, as it’s a fine mix of indie-rock and electronica that should keep you entertained for quite a while. Also check out the band’s website for more stuff if you’ve got hooked!

Beat Radio – The Eternals (MP3, via Bandcamp)

Beat Radio – Golden Age (MP3)


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