Does This Hurt?

While Morten thinks that Some Kind Of Bliss is Kylie‘s best song ever, I still go with Confide In Me:

Erm, what? Kylie Minogue on this blog? Gone soft or what? Well, not really, but I’ve just found this cover-version of Confide In Me by newly-hyped retro-band Hurts:

Nice job, but I still prefer the original. If you want the cover in MP3, go to The Cover Lovers blog and do a quick search. Also check out the rest on the blog… some quite interesting stuff to be found there!

2 responses to “Does This Hurt?

  1. You know, I had a feeling that Hurts will come back to this blog sooner or later 🙂

    I read an interview with Adam in Polish rock magazine and he said that, contrary to the expectations, his main inspiration is 90s music, especially film scores, not the 80s. He draws only from Depeche Mode and Tears for Fears and never listened to Pet Shop Boys (bastard!). He said also that they met once Jackie Chan in karaoke bar and got to know that he’s a…big fan of Joy Division (especially ‘Transmission”)! I presume he just made it up 🙂

    Good thing with Hurts is that they address Polish fans often on their Facebook page. It’s understable ’cause Poland really bought into hype of “new Depeche”. Well, in this country still many people can’t imagine their lives without Black and his, ehrm, “Wonderful Life”.

    OT: yesterday I heard two new tracks from Believe on the radio. Sound solid, definitely inspired! I had a row with the guys some months ago but I think it’s high time to bury the hatchet and I hope I’d provide you with more info in some time. One thing I’m sure of is that they are able now to fill in greater venues in Poland that year before (though now they announced some kind of package tour to promote friends and younger acts).

  2. Hey man, did you noticed, that Mew brought out a compilation? And check out the ambient post-rock band “The Best Pessimist”. You can download all the albums for free at the myspace site. Aard

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